What did the pandemic ruin more than we realise?

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  1. Worked grocery for 5 years myself and we had a number of those people.

  2. Fellow former early bird grocery store worker! I used to open as a bagger at 6AM, an hour before open, to get the store ready for the day. People would be pulled up and absolutely flabbergasted that I managed to waltz in but they were still locked out. Sir, I have a dark green shirt on with my company logo on it and a cheesy tomato pun on the back. Do I look like I'm trying to shop? The more baffling one was when I used to work at the bakery at 3AM. Usually it was only me, produce and the grocery dudes until 4AM when the deli and meat shifts started. But once, I went into my usual shift at 2:50AM, waited to be let in, and there was a dude that came walking up casually. "Are you guys open?" No? Its 3AM, we don't open until 7AM? "Oh." And he just walked away. Almost scared me shitless since I'm a small Asian woman but I was halfway into the building and my coworker was right there.

  3. “Wife Material” isn’t putting other women down just so you can feel superior about your interests. It’s so easy to say I may not go out and party in pretty dresses, but I have fun in my own way. You’re not putting women down for enjoying themselves and you still advertise your hobbies that may seem non traditional.

  4. I've only been to a club once but clubbing/drunk gals are so nice. I went to a show at a bar last year (piano dueling) and when I went to the bathroom, all the girls were complimenting each other. "Oh my god I love your shoes." "Your hair is so pretty!" "What lipstick are you wearing?" "Does anyone have a tampon?" I dunno what makes a girl in a short dress inherently distrustful and "not wife material" but it sure does stink of internalized misogyny.

  5. Worker/employee relationships. A lot of people woke up to how shitty a deal we have it in the united states. Wealthiest country in the world. No guarantied sick leave, no paternal/maternal leave. We gave big business bailouts AND they still raised prices and fired workers.

  6. I work for a customs brokerage firm, an essential business but we did lay off a few people. People still need products from overseas and companies like Pfizer needed things like syringes. We had an incredibly rough time in 2020 but we were still floating. 2021 picked up a lot and we were hitting quarterly records. We made a ton of money. Now the VP of my company is struggling because we bought new computers, renovated the break room, switched over to a new system, and our profits right now are going down 25 percent. My team is fine, we're small and essential functions within the company, but my manager said to not be surprised if some people got laid off. The funniest thing is, I kept thinking that we've been incredibly fortunate to be thriving right now. And our 25 percent profit reduction would literally be us operating at the highest profit from 2019. So we're totally fine and company is still doing great business, we're just not making a fuck ton of money anymore. I love my job but that realization has disillusioned me with my company. Great values and great benefits but dude. Cutting corners now because we didn't make as much money as before?

  7. Bachelorette weekends are trending more and more. My cousin back in 2012 had a Bachelorette weekend with my sister and our other cousin. All are the same age and it was a quickly planned wedding. The weekend was supposed to be fun but also to prepare for the wedding to come. Since we all lived in different states, it was the best option to gather them together before the big day.

  8. having streamed almost 130k minutes in 2021 I'll say this: paying for Spotify is worth it.

  9. I have a full play list of so many songs, I have listened to about 15 new audio dramas since 2020. Granted, I have been a student and paying 5 bucks a month for Spotify up until very recently but Spotify is absolutely incredible. I used to use Google Play which is garbage in comparison.

  10. LOL my mother when she still asks if I want ketchup with my fries after almost 30 years 🙄

  11. My mom insisted for 15 years that me and my brother's favorite cake flavor was mocha. Nope, mine is chocolate with chocolate. My dad's favorite cake flavor is mocha. I nearly cried when my MIL kept asking me what flavor cake I wanted and she made her famous chocolate cake. It was so good. This year, my husband special ordered a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, banana pudding, and peanut butter butter cream. My literal dream cake.

  12. 🥰 finally someone who gets you a good birthday cake! That's so sweet. This thread unlocked memories of me not eating my own birthday cake several years because my mother would get something with almonds and cherries in the center (very common filling between tiers for cakes purchased at the bakery in my country) and I hated them both.

  13. Aww I'm sorry that happened. I hope every year from here on out, you get exactly the cake you wanted for your birthday.

  14. I always rolled my eyes when people say “ah yes, [insert geographic location] where people can’t drive for shit.”

  15. I grew up in SoCal in the Inland Empire/San Bernardino County. Its a blessing that there are long stretches of just dirt in SB so it's not the bumper-to-bumper clusterfuck that is LA. I like the city and the locales but fuck driving in LA. I'd rather take the Metro rail into the city and walk my happy ass around, take a bus.

  16. I believe the best thing you can do in this situation is keep driving without changing your lane and when you reach the entry you make your turn.

  17. Yup, yield to any cyclists before entering the bike lane before you need to turn. Is it kind of annoying? A little. Is it fucking rocket science? No.

  18. My dad is a pedophile who molested his younger nephew and then raped/molested his niece's daughter and also raped my 15 year old classmate.

  19. Same here for my brother. He's a year older than me, my sister is nearly a decade older than us. Our sleeping arrangement was weird growing up living in a small apartment and my brother usually slept in the living room but would occasionally sleep in my sister's room, same bed. She threatened to beat his ass and yelled at my parents that he needs to stop touching his boobs when she was asleep. He was in elementary school. He then proceeded to sexually abuse me but in a more coercive way. Thankfully it was only molestation but the scars are there. Its really not great to wake up every morning and go, "At least he didn't rape you when he wanted to and could have." He got arrested when he was a Freshman in high school and I was an eighth grader in middle school. Had a mental breakdown and my English teacher reported it. Brother confessed to everything except for the most recent incident. Had to do mandatory therapy. My family? Not one peep since then. My mom brought it up on 2 separate occasions: once when I was a Senior in high school and incredibly depressed and suicidal, she asked if my brother was touching me again. Second was right before I moved out and she asked if it was because of my brother. I dont even know if they ever fully believed me. When I had to talk to CPS during their visits, my sister would take my brother out to eat ice cream.

  20. Emotionally abused kids are so tough to read about with these posts. They do so much rationalizing because, hey they aren’t being punched right? So it’s “not that bad” and it’s so obvious to everyone else that they are being driven completely miserable. I’m glad OP had her lightbulb moments and started going after her own happiness finally.

  21. I would do or say something offhandedly with my fiance and he would ask if it was normal for me to always act that way or react that way. This whole post I felt for OOP and felt incredibly proud of them having those light bulb moments. It feels like a massive weight to turn around and start living the life that you wanted. I hope OOP is happy and thriving.

  22. I was MOH for my BFF. My ex boyfriend was the best man. I didn’t get to bring a plus one, as only “established couples” could. So the ex got to bring his new girlfriend, that he had cheated on me with. After 15 years of friendship the bride pretty much quit talking to me after the wedding. Not gonna lie, still bothers me after several years.

  23. What OOP's wife doesn't seem to understand is that she isn't helping her sister pay for food and necessities, she's helping her sister pay for multiple new cars and tropical vacations and other luxuries. I don't quite get how she doesn't see that? If she wasn't subsidizing her sister's family with all that cash they would have to spend the new-car-money on food instead.

  24. This is exactly why I stopped giving money to my sister, and you know what's even more pathetic? My sister was in her mid 20s asking me, a then 19 year old, for money. We had a turbulent life because my dad decided to quit his job and my mom became the sole earner to a tune of 20k a year for a 5 day a week, 24/7 job. We lost our house and became homeless but the extra money went to me having a car and my family being able to move from motel to motel. We were able to move in with my aunt and uncle but they then kicked us out at 5AM. I had a job then and had a breakdown at work. Another 2 months of sleep in motel, car and my mom's place of employment. I can see that my sister struggled to take care of me and my family. But that doesn't negate the fact that she had a rich ass boyfriend who paid for her every whim when she visited him out of state. Her asking me for money started off small. Then it escalated to her needing her car payments. The straw that broke the camel's back was when we were trying to hide my grandma's money so that she could get medical care and we all were responsible for about 1k. My sister immediately went on a vacation after receiving it. She did pay it back but that fucked me up. The last time I talked to my sister, she was suicidal and driving aimlessly. Her bank double charged her car payment (for the fifth time?) And she didn't know what to do. For 30 minutes, I had to talk her down and beg her to go home. She then asked for money and I became stone. I told her to get home, that I loved her, and hung up. Never spoke to her again. These kinds of people, my sister and OOP's SIL, are incredible at playing on your emotions. Its disgusting to see.

  25. It’s sad fruity mixed drinks get caught in the internalized misogyny crossfire because some of them are tasty as fuck

  26. Lemon drops? Mai tais? Screwdrivers? Get the fuck out of here, I want my alcohol to not taste like alcohol.

  27. I used to feel bad for them and give whenever I could. I eventually got to the point where I didn’t want to help anymore the demographic that has harassmed me more than any other in my life.

  28. It just feels so predatory. When I started working at a grocery store at 19, we had several solicitors camp out at the front of the store to beg for money. We would have to corral mentally ill visitors (also soliciting money) out of the store because they were harassing customers and employees. Several times in the 2.5 years I worked there, half of it being a 3AM shift, managers had to be told to call the sheriff's office to assist homeless people off the property. I honestly felt for them. When I started working there, I was staying with my aunt and uncle (terrible people) who kicked us out at 5AM and I was homeless once again. I was able to live out of my car, motel rooms and my mom's place of employment so I was privileged that way. I had been living out of a suitcase for 5 months so I understood my situation and had a job, bank account, and somewhere to sleep every day. However, these people were so aggressive about needing money. Like shit me too dude, I'm living in my car.

  29. Malevolent. Male lead, lovecraftian horror, very well done IMO.

  30. I second this one! Stumbled upon this as a recommendation from another podcast and Malevolent is brilliant!

  31. It'd be one thing if it was a random person she was sleeping with and subsequently dating. Its another thing to fuck your ex's best friend that he's staying with and then ask said best friend to move in with you.

  32. She’s also an adult and capable of making decisions, and it’s a decision she continued to make long after she was vulnerable. We don’t need to act like she was some poor damsel who didn’t know what she was doing. She’s an adult woman. What Ryan did was more wrong and maybe a bit opportunist for sure but it’s still wrong to date your ex’s best friend a week after the breakup. It just is.

  33. Yeah there's a difference between hooking up one time but then you moved him into your freaking apartment months after you broke up with someone you were with for 5 years?

  34. Maybe it's because of where I'm from, but eating rice on a plate with a spoon is very common here, idk what the hell these people saying.

  35. I was reading this post and all I could think of was 2 days ago when I was eating rice and pork chop with a spoon on a plate on my couch. I didnt want dirty a bowl and it was too small to eat the pork chop with. Spoon and bowl is how my mom would eat constantly. I grew up in a Filipino household lol.

  36. Welp guess I gotta dump him. I was gonna anyway after seeing that he sent my nudes in a text thread to one of his friends. He played it off saying it was “to show you off”

  37. Yeah no fuck that. The fact its your boyfriend who showed other people your nudes is downright disgusting and he should be kicked off the face of the earth.

  38. Never unless you're hanging around some real creepers. My friends have been married to their spouses for over a decade and not once even when they were dating have I seen a nude of either one of they're wives. The most they do is hint that they "got lucky" last night, no details, no pic. If any of your friends are doing this they don't respect their spouse or he and the wife are into some weird ish.

  39. I had one dude I hooked up with from Tinder show my nudes to his friends. He told me so nonchalantly and said, "It will be weird if something comes from this after you fuck my friends so don't fuck my friends." I wasn't planning to but.. thanks? My self esteem was in the toilet after a harsh ghosting so I continued on. I shouldn't have continued.

  40. This is why I have my prices listed on my website! Everyone says not to, but like, damn. People planning weddings have SO many decisions to make, and it matters to see if you’re willing to invest in that vendor. To each their own, but I’m always turned off by the secrecy of pricing. So sorry this happened to you, OP!

  41. I had 2 photographers I was considering - one recommended by my MIL and one recommended by my venue.

  42. I love my FIL dearly. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met and he treats everyone with care, respect and enthusiasm. His wife was an emancipated minor who didn't even have her own birth certificate after she fled home and he helped her get it. He's adopted and fostered many children.

  43. Even though Magnus Archives has a plot from episode to episode, a few of my favorite episodes are:

  44. lol i saw this post and so many people actually enjoyed these looks

  45. They are completely normal and cute looks. I'm glad young gals are getting more fashion inspiration and advice nowadays. Look, I loved what I wore as a teenager but being a soft emo, I wish someone would tell me not to wear neon orange fingerless lace gloves with a grey and green shirt and burgundy shorts. Everyone goes through phases but teenagers nowadays get to have cute and affordable outfits now. Even if someone wants to dress quirky stop shitting on someone else's clothing.

  46. Try on a variety of different style dress. You may love one style and realize it doesnt look as great on you as you thought

  47. I knew for sure I wanted an A line or ballgown but was indecisive as a whole. I tried on a variety of styles and I was surprised at how much I liked fit and flare styles on me. Even if you go into it with a vision in your head, you're not really going to have an opportunity like this ever again. Play around, try on dresses that you would never have had put on your body otherwise. Maybe you'll learn what clothing shapes fit well on your body!

  48. when i was in junior high we had a 7-11 right down the street where the kids would congregate and get candy/chips/slurpees, and a lot of us would grab a handful or two of the free coffee creamer cups they would leave by the coffee machine to drink later. i remember enjoying the french vanilla, irish cream and hazelnut. i cant picture myself enjoying that now, and even as a kid i think a 22oz cup would be way way to much, but at 12ish years old, a few of those little tiny creamer cups were really enjoyable. as far as taste and mouthfeel go, its not much different than something like chocolate milk - its just a thick, creamy, sweetened liquid.

  49. My sister drank just straight creamer and half and half. We would go to a diner and she wouldn't even ask for coffee, she just straight up asked for the creamer to drink like a shot. You and your friends were 12 years old, my sister did this well into her 20s.

  50. I used to work in a bookstore that had a Starbucks attached. They used to give us everything that either was made wrong or that customers abandoned. We also used to get bags full of pastries at end of the night, since they would have had to throw them out otherwise. Working retail virtually always sucks, but those baristas made our days just a little brighter that way!

  51. I worked at a grocery store next to a Coffee Bean. We knew the employees who were on a supply run getting a whole bunch of cinnamon and milk. My store gave discounts to them and they made us free drinks occasionally. Every year, I try to get a pumpkin chai from Coffee Bean because it's 100x better than Starbucks and it's all from one barista being like, "Hey have this drink on us!" I love stores being buddies to each other.

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