1. My cast iron skillets are amazingly non stick. We've always kept one small n/s one around but after it got trashed I never replaced it.

  2. Yeah one of my cast iron skillets was actually my grandmother's. But about the only thing I use those for anymore is cornbread.

  3. can iron even be anodized? are you sure it's not hard anodized aluminum?

  4. Ceviche. My husband's is my favorite and I'm tired of restaurants giving me onions and seafood and labeling it "ceviche"

  5. Impress makes a wide width but I only ever see like a style at a time in some stores. They do have more online but not sure about the actual fit (and they may not be the style you're looking for) That's the only one I know of

  6. I was thinking the coloring sounds like Julep but their pencils don't have a spoolie, just the twist ups

  7. For anyone looking. don’t go to “A Country Christmas” it isn’t worth it…. Even if they try to hype it up…. And it isn’t worth going to their pumpkin patch at Halloween either.

  8. Rimmel makes a pretty good soft one (twist up, not pencil) that I have a couple of

  9. I thought it was a myth, myself, until I found two. Sigma Liquid Lipstick in Venom

  10. No. It hasn't. I had quit and came back this summer and I've already canceled again. My October GBP disappeared for a very long time. It just showed up today and I'm missing items, two from the bag, one add-on.

  11. Yeah, that will do it. I don't have a magic answer for that. You can try to get yourself to sleep on the other side but that's actually not that easy. Wash your pillow and change the case often should help.

  12. It’s the mail carriers fault, not Ipsy lol. Lame. Downvote me whatever. They are doing their best. If they created the label and did the handoff, then they did their part. USPS, DHL and especially Pitney Bowes are a joke. Amazon had to buy their own trucks because of it. It is what it is.

  13. You should read more on shipping. You might be surprised what you find.

  14. I would but having worked in multiple warehouse jobs with shipping, I think I'm okay with where I've placed the blame in this case. 😁

  15. No, mine just went to flash also. I was certainly hoping for more spoilers.

  16. Ugh. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to go ahead and cancel now or December. It maybe now since I still haven't gotten my October bag.

  17. Mine has disappeared into the DHL/USPS void. Tracking number created on the 6th and still says "USPS Awaiting package." I'm pissed too because I had nearly $50 in add-ons.😡🤬

  18. I'm 49 and the ones I use are either Too Faced 24 hour Eye Insurance, Clinique Touch Base for eyes, or Urban Decay anti-aging primer. (That's actually the order I like them, too). I can use the Too Faced on non-make up days and it just evens out the tone on my eyelids.

  19. Same. I canceled but came back this year and I don't know why. I mean, it's nearly the end of the month and I still don't even have my bag, even though the shipping label was created weeks ago. This is last time for me, I think.

  20. I haven't gotten a thing yet, unfortunately. It wasn't a huge amount of money, so if they prioritize, I'm at the bottom of the stack. It's just the principle of it for me. Using inventory software isn't that hard. Flip it to sold out when you actually run out. Instead they just take money and then 2 months later "oops our bad"

  21. They didn't send me a tracking email after I got this same words as you. They didn't refund me either. I had to reach out and after giving them my order number, they had the audacity to ask which items were the ones missing 🙄🙄🙄 like, wouldn't you already know? Anyhoo if they don't send the tracking email or whatever and don't refund you, you gotta reach out to them for it

  22. Since The Thing We Don't Talk About, I've been working from home but at the same time gone nuts over beauty/makeup/skincare. Like, I cannot be trusted near the beauty dept of any store. But nobody sees it except my BFFL and goddaughter because I snapchat them all the time (bless them for tolerating me.) To make myself feel better about dropping so much cash when I no longer go to an office, I set myself challenges to actually use the huge amount of stuff I have (the stash is out of control and the regular rotation isn't far behind.)

  23. I'm thinking I'm going to quit Ipsy again. I was excited for the Keys GBX but this one...nah...

  24. I already use the Too Faced lip injection, so that was easy to pick. I went with the R+Co shampoo instead of the other Fenty lipstick, but I'm glad I did because it was in my add-ons and the shampoo wasn't. I also use Pacifica on the regular, and I have the vegan collagen eye cream, so I'm going to try the ceramide one and see how it does. But all in all, for me, this doesn't suck 🙂

  25. I cracked up at “gestures at everything” 😂

  26. If your one downside is that you think you'll become a burden in your old age, please keep in mind

  27. Still missing the KVD lash primer 2-pk but it's at least getting closer! I mean 2 outta 3, right??

  28. Boxycharm doesn’t take returns. At all. All of the items come directly from manufacturers, etc. Your palette hasn’t been swatched or used. Some formulas can make it appear that way but it’s new. I zoomed in to look. If you’re really worried about it then spray it with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

  29. I haven't gotten this email but I assume it's a matter of time. I did two orders, one of which has shown up. The other has 2/3 items now updated to "Shipped" although lord only know if/when it will actually show up.

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