Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  1. Is it me or is she like what George Carlin mentioned about pro lifers?

  2. If you're pre- born you're fine. If you're pre-school, you're fucked. They want morr live babies so they can become dead soldiers.

  3. Shithole states with private prison systems want more cheap slave labor. That's all this is.

  4. And so they can become dead soldiers to pretend to give a shit about

  5. The Republicans were the groomers all along.

  6. Stop and shop, great insurance and great union, before I left they were desperate for employees.

  7. My wife has been there over a year. Still part time, worked through Covid. Same shit pay as before. I'm trying to get her out of there. Nobody wants to work there because people are fucking HORRIBLE to the workers.

  8. Now you know why they needed additional security. They're gonna need it

  9. How many of you here didn't vote because you "Didn't like your choices" or Both side are the same?"

  10. Democrats had full control of Virginia and some of them tried to get abortion as a right into our state constitution. The rest went on vacation instead because that was more important. Our current Republican governor is, as we speak, trying to ban abortion in the state after 15 weeks. Democrats could have easily prevented it and should have when they saw the Supreme Court go the way it did.

  11. Let's face it. Certain southern democrats are barely better than conservatives

  12. Brought to you by the party of small government.

  13. Not you. The comment above. We don't tolerate any pit hate here.

  14. And ya, why be on a pit site if you hate them? To be a troll?

  15. Sad basement dwellers with no lives that want everyone else to be as miserable as they are.

  16. This doesn't mean anything for CT Residents, it does allow New York residents to defend themselves outside the home. It also allows residents to form a militia outside the home which is clearly written in our constitution. Just one step in the constitutional carry direction!

  17. Constitutional carry is fucking stupid and dangerous. When a kid turns 16 we don't throw him the car keys and say "knock yourself out junior. Figure it out as you go along". I want people trained and make sure they're mentally capable of carrying a firearm. And yes I'm a gun owner.

  18. Oh logic.... God forbid our government does anything logically. Much like the ruling today. The states crying out "mask mandates are unconstitional and violate my rights because it's my body!" Are now jumping in joy because they can control someone else's body. Congratulations America. We are now officially the dumbest country in the world...

  19. I posted a picture of mine a while ago calling her a gargoyle. Some people need something to hate to make themselves feel better.

  20. "Go play a single player video game" without internet?! Pffft. Ha! Hey, everybody, get a load of this guy! What year is it, 1999? Weirdo.

  21. "Hey kids, for a fun game, we're gonna learn how to walk like a goose!"

  22. God he is so beautiful! The name is all wrong. He should be called gorgeous George. Happy birthday you beautiful creature!!!

  23. There's a name I haven't heard in a long time. A long time.

  24. New York's hottest club is called Snorrrrg. This place has everything...

  25. Got them installed about 5 months ago. No complaints.

  26. I don’t have a car that needs supreme, but regular was $5.11 last week in Connecticut

  27. $4.68 for regular 5.28 for 93 in Plainville. These are credit prices, .10 cheaper with cash (debit same as cash). This is today.

  28. I’ve always had to pay more for using a debit card. What stations you hitting were debit is the same as cash?

  29. Gulf across from Lowes. It varies from station to station. Not all do that

  30. I'd mail them tampons if there wasn't a shortage

  31. Maybe they should be aware that liberals are armed also. We just don't swing our dicks around.

  32. Removed for rule 12. We don't give that sub the satisfaction of acknowledging their existence.

  33. Just remember that pool companies are seasonal jobs. When I worked for one, by November you need to have something else lined up.

  34. As a white guy that loves good BBQ, this offends me.

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