1. it just looks like some mucus to me? i could be wrong though

  2. Was that enough to have yo own apartment in LA? Rents is crazy out here and shit

  3. i was like huh?? how is this bad? until i expanded the pic.

  4. looks pretty good, i’d add some mascara to the top n bottom lashes and a bright shimmery color in the middle of the eyelid / inner corner. maybe darken the outer corner to make it more dramatic depending on the look you’re going for!

  5. i know this is an old post but download the mangaman app, they have 228 chapters colored on there

  6. i’m not sure, she was loose in the bin at five below like almost a year ago now! but they had a lot of other “wellness”-themed squishies at the time so maybe! (:

  7. something about basic ass butter on white bread just hits different

  8. I also love the randomness of the potato chips.

  9. i feel like a potato chip sandwich on buttered bread would actually smack

  10. my stomach has felt off all day and this just pushed me over the edge

  11. i agree! absolutely loved this one. i waited to use my bday cookie coupon on this one and i’m really glad i did

  12. How long do you have to redeem your bday coupon? My bday is next week and can’t have cookies for a hot minute.

  13. my bday was on september 3rd, and the coupon was good until the 14th of october. so you have a while!

  14. mr. puss puss if you want to be basic and flex, whoever you need candies for if you want to be strategic

  15. they’re the j. kenji lopez-alt roast potatoes, a kind redditor linked the recipe video in another comment!

  16. Looks to me like Kendji’s Food Lab potatos, boiled with a bit of baking soda,

  17. yep, this was my first time making them and they turned out amazing! highly recommend!

  18. Shout out to Upland, CA, my old hometown. Glad I moved away from that place though lol congrats to your dad

  19. was about to comment and say, hi neighbor lmao. (i don’t live in upland but pretty close)

  20. What shade did they send you? I def don’t think the ones they matched me on the quiz were right and I’m very curious. Maybe I’ll email their folks about picture color matching too

  21. shade 20! yeah i’d definitely recommend going through customer service like i did to get a good match.

  22. my cat’s name is kiki too, and she also enjoys rolling around in grass :)

  23. if you’re anywhere near a georgie’s, i’d highly recommend you give them a try if this intrigues you. some pretty damn good mediterranean food. i live in LA county btw.

  24. my bf and i have some very interesting pet names for each other, usually related to cute animals. most common are probably “bee” and “bun”, just as an example. you could try something like that with them, just to see how they respond! :) it’s sweet that you’re taking their feelings into account, i hope you find a solution soon.

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