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  1. That’s on his kingfish album. Ace has all the Bob classics and all sound amazing in the studio

  2. “US executes 2 spies for nuclear espionage” Reddit: US are barbarians how can they execute anyone, these guys are hero’s and anyone who disagrees is fucked up and sick

  3. The only other one is 11/12/72

  4. Damn I’d been saving listening to this show til this Friday but the mix is a little sloppy :/

  5. I agree that they are 100% a jamband. What I worry about is the people who come to the show expecting a normal indie show. They jam a lot. I like it as a jamband fan but it would be a lot to take in not expecting it.

  6. Naw let them go in thinking it’s a run of the mill show then halfway through they can’t stop dancing to a 20 minute red bird

  7. Let me put it this way, if there was 11 million Republican voters and 74 million illegal immigrants, America would be much better place.

  8. That’s just Alex, he goes to all the Phish shows and is known for spinning the entire time. Dude is a legend

  9. I swear I saw this guy in my friends video from whatever rave they came from this past weekend also lol

  10. Which one is it, he’s a fat, old, unhealthy orange man who couldn’t drink a glass of water and tripped up a ramp…Or…he’s a dangerous in-shape man who wanted to walk down to the capital with his mob and was capable of causing physical harm to a secret service agent while leaning over a drivers seat to grab a steering wheel?

  11. “Republicans are LITERAL fascist demons from hell”

  12. Whatever you say man, I’m not even going to argue politics with you on a sub for an Australian (not even American mind you) rock band. What too much Reddit does to a mother fucker. Says “Love you guys” but has hate in the title of the post

  13. They’re saying it’s racist, seriously

  14. Because trump is still not charged lol!

  15. Of course they won't believe it. Imagine covid without technology. But I agree.

  16. Eh one of the last times there was a global flu strain similar to covid Woodstock happened so I don’t know about that

  17. Wish I could but It’s a disappointing metaphor for how this country is rolling rn

  18. Dude's in better shape than me, and I'm half his age.

  19. Someone should reevaluate their life then. Being unhealthy isn’t a good trait

  20. I love how every Reddit thread about this subject is every comment racing to say how they all leave both lids down, but in real life 95% of people don’t do that.

  21. Even though wrong meme, still better than half the shit that hits the top here lol

  22. The Grateful Dead performed "Money Money" exactly three times before the rest of the band told Bobby Weir that they were uncomfortable playing that song, and they never played it again.

  23. Since they never played this song live really I forgot about it, but did think of some Mexicali blues when I saw the question lol

  24. Mexicali Blues is probably a better answer; Grateful Dead played it 430 times, whereas Dead & Co only played it twice.

  25. Yeaaa I think they’re aware now but still a banger of a song though lol

  26. This is one of my favorite dead tunes from the early 70’s, so glad they busted it out

  27. First WS win for a franchise is worth how much? I'd reckon most teams would trade 5 to 10 years of an overpaid+underperforming roster resulting in 9 seasons of under .500 ball if it got them their first WS title somewhere in there.

  28. Yea the WS is only thing that makes up for it, especially because it really was the end of the rope and we knew it. But 3 years later the whole winning roster is all but gone besides these 2 and Soto, and with the money these two take up…it makes us all real nervous.

  29. Put everything he had left into that World Series run which I’m grateful for as well as all the other years prior, but that contract is going to go down as one the worst of all time in all major league sports. Absolutely ruined our chances of keeping anyone else from that WS team and we gave it to someone who had a history of injuries.

  30. Well that number seems low

  31. I do love Osees/Thee Oh Sees/The Oh Sees/Oh Sees/OCS, but for me they have a lot more misses when it comes to albums than Gizz do. Their jams are great but they can get a little tedious when they're not at their best.

  32. What are some of your fav albums by them, I’ve heard a few songs and think they’re dope but don’t know where to gravitate to, they have a bunch of albums as well lol

  33. The Democrats didn't try and overthrow the government just because their preferred candidate lost.

  34. If these people really were planning on “taking down democracy” during their single riot that is one of the singular most important events in American history you think they would’ve brought a little more than one dude bringing some fucking “zip ties” lol. Especially when the MAGA crowd is painted as gun toting terrorists. No they were just a bunch of worked up idiots like the people that stayed out during the “mostly peaceful protests”.

  35. If we’d stop giving such prevalence to Twitter and social media we wouldn’t be in the shit show predicament of a society we’re in currently. Not even giving this article a view, shit state of journalism

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