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  1. It’s so great that even with no eyes he has learnt to play the harp

  2. Here’s hoping they don’t follow that naming convention for Normal Iglett…

  3. Well, i dont know about you but i’m excited for the kangaroo with the assault rifle

  4. Does it have to be an artistic design, or can I say that Flareon is statistically designed terribly because its best stat is ATK and the best STAB physical move it can learn is Fire Fang?

  5. I mean it also gets Flare Blitz now, which is a bit better. But pre-physical/special split, yeah it was rough for ol’ Flareon

  6. As someone who was actively invested during the releases from gen 5 onward, people complained with literally all of them. I just tend to ignore it because I know it won't be any different next gen.

  7. There were also a lot of complaints about Gen 3 (not being able to complete the National dex in Ruby and Sapphire, for example) and Gen 4 (overdesigned Pokémon that looked like Digimon being one that I heard a lot).

  8. I’m not sure how to feel about this one. Some very cool spots, for sure, but I don’t know if I liked it as a match. Lots of bits where it looked way too much like four friends coming up with crazy moves rather than anything resembling a contest, and the finishing spot seemed underwhelming compared to a lot of what happened before.

  9. His last name is hart like heart and you can kill one of the targets by squeezing his replacement heart.

  10. That whole Vaporeon thing. Leave my dope ass mermaid dog alone

  11. Now I need a Steel/Flying pokemon with the ability Faraday Cage, which makes it inmune to electricity.

  12. Faradove, the bird cage Pokémon. Its body is covered in metal bars which make flying difficult but protect it from harmful electrical energy.

  13. You sound like a lovely pig keeper, and I’m sure this is just one of Midnight’s personality quirks. My boy Gravy is also not the most sociable pig, he much prefers to be an independent little guy. I’m sure she loves you in her own special way.

  14. Yeah I especially hated Will Washington’s question because of this. They said it was going to be the last question, and rather than actually try and find out something interesting he asks what it means to CM Punk to end Mox’s clean win streak. And surprise surprise he gets a bullshit answer to his bullshit question. Felt like a fan getting to ask a wrestler a question, not a journalist.

  15. a fan would probably ask better questions most of the time, most fans would care more about what's happening wrestling wise than the weird freakout he was in the middle of

  16. Yeah I guess that’s true. Maybe he sounded like a fan who likes to pretend he’s a journalist.

  17. Easy use a Rawst Berry. That cures Frozen.

  18. Um, no. A Rawst Berry cures burn. The Aspear cures defrosts your Pokémon.

  19. Fuck, I didn’t realise I wanted GUNTHER v BRAAAAUUUN but YES.

  20. Except that a lot of them do. Lots of older people, lots of poorer families (at least in the south east) vote Tory in enormous numbers.

  21. I’d be the guy who gives advice before every gym, but I’d give terrible advice on purpose. What’s that, you’re challenging the steel gym? Mate bring your best poison Pokémon, trust me!

  22. “This is a ghost type gym, you’re gonna want all fighting moves, with a few normal moves for coverage”

  23. Scopophobia is a bad name. But Scopy, Phoby, something that feels like a nickname rather than just a fear might be cute?

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