1. I like the concept and the idea of oath, but for me the rhythm feels just a little bit bloated and clunky

  2. Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the late reply! If you have time, would it be okay for you to point out the stanza's or lines where the rhythm felt off and give some context on why it felt so? I'd love to see how I can improve in my rhyming, so knowing would do me a lot of help, thank you!

  3. Having read this poem,I haven't been able to grasp who or what the "you" and " i" are. There are elements of vampirism but it may be a concoction of the poet's personal fantasy.

  4. Sorry for the late reply! And I'm sorry as well if the hints couldn't be clear enough. Though the speaker of the poem is implied to be a god themselves, after stealing the throne of the former divine due to neglecting the cries of the people. You and the speaker were once young and mortal, but stood up against the corruptions from cosmic powers. Therefore dethroning the Gods but only the speaker decided to take the crown of the divine, as you, their companion, decided to be reborn human. So that you could witness the world in ways you couldve never hope to imagine, and knowing your old buddy will be the one guide it, and not the cruel ones from before? You took that path, as your old friend promises to give you and your people the life the speaker always dreamed to have.

  5. The title fits very well with the emotions I get from the poem. Their are times when one longs to completely get loss in the memories of those no longer with you, but you must do so carefully. If you get lost within the waves of nostalgia, you'll find that person every where you go. For even if their gone, it's almost as if their presence forever surrounds you. You'd think that after weeks, months, or maybe even years your memories or feelings for them will fade. But, here you are. Reminiscing the moments you may never return to. Though from the beginning you always knew, such precious people could never be forgotten. Lovely poem!

  6. I feel as if this captures the feelings one would have in a toxic or one-sided relationship. You love that person to pieces but do they even feel the same passions you do for them? You want to believe it, but how could this be love if there's too much poison to bare? Must love always be this painful? Is this love at all? The most saddening part was when the reader couldn't even express how their lover was in the wrong, instead they chose to put the blame within themselves. A heart touching poem indeed. Nice work!

  7. The people who make life more bearable to the point it becomes valuable.

  8. stock image of a white grandma looking directly at the camera

  9. Good gonna hangout with my cousins tom and its been a while since ive seen them.

  10. Anyone whos good at something is pretty cool. It doesnt matter if thats your main hobby and youre good at it but if its the only thing your good at it may not leave the best impression. Theres nothing wrong with not knowing but you have to be open and motivated to learn important skills or more skills to open topics for convos, getting good at socializing, knowing how to start and continue convos, trying out other hobbies like poetry painting reading etc. Opening to new experiences and getting out of your comfort zone to reach out and relate with other people is pretty cool and helps with getting to know peeps. Hope this helps.

  11. I wouldnt really care, Id treat them the same but ofc respect pronouns and such.

  12. Directly ask for it in a polite manner. Ask if they wanna hang out or talk.

  13. It's so cutee it reminds me of the artstyle in psych2go.

  14. Why does money have the letter count of happy and is used as one and the same. I wonder why it is using letters only 5 that you could turn all that money to shame.

  15. Damnnn thats so clean. I love it! Do you think you could make a fan art of zenitsu by any chance?

  16. If I ever get better with drawing hair youll be the first to know :'DDD but once I do I'll think bout it, thx!

  17. Whenever I get upset at someone I'm close to I make my voice go high like helium so I'll treat it like a cartoon and try to deesculate it in my head. If I'm not too close to them to argue with a chipmunk for a voice I'll just use that voice in my head to calm myself down.

  18. Sometimes the most underrated gems can be simple shops in your local area. Since I couldnt travel a bunch outside of my city due to the pandemic my family decided to take some time to visit the local park, plaza, shops, and I realized that even I don't know a lot bout the city I've lived in my whole life. It's been a pretty cool journey.

  19. Touching your belly button. Dont mean that in a weird way but genuinely.

  20. 2night maybe? Im in the city tho so the stars are gonna be outshined a lil by the lamps but i should be gud--

  21. I'm in the netherlands. There's literally not a single place without light pollution within a 100km 😔

  22. Broooooo rippp, went to the province once to stargaze with my mom. Some light pollution was still their but the sky was cool dude. I think I remembered spotting the big dipper and some weird diamond or triangle lookin constellation. Was cool minus the motorcycle noises every now and then. Hope you get to see em clear skies one day dudeee

  23. A book that they wanted to read outside but eventually forgot to or lost the mood to continue.

  24. How people can somehow think of rotting corpses as attractive to the point of wanting some form of intamacy with it????? I can believe some weirdo has that fantasy but bro how????????????

  25. My collection is kinda small rn, but if I have some extra money I'll try to save for some genshin figurines. Ever since back then I always wanted to buy things I liked because stuff like that made me happy cause I picked it myself. Whenever I wanted something my parent's always checked for the price which is good and wise. Though they were always pretty cheap with their gifts even if we were far from financial struggle. I had to watch my elder brother grow up with cool gadgets, tons of toy collectables, while they barely give me a proper lunch or at least some pocket money to add to my food. So I usually end up hungry at the end of the day and whatever expensive stuff I do get only came cause one day my mom got called and got convinced by my teacher to buy me that toy brand I wanted so the other kids would play with me. And beforehand and even after that event whenever I wanted a specific toy I always get the bad rip off version instead of what I written down for them. I know they had their favorites cause academically my brother was well off but holy crap I wished they couldve spoiled me a little more in the past. Though in short genshin figurines just help me distance myself with the past and reminds me that no one in the world will spoil you to the fullest but yourself so do your best.

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