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  1. As a dev, Product Manager's meetings are what I'm most afraid of

  2. Man I swear at the Sydney airport I got a small ham panini and a fruit salad for like 25$.

  3. Pizza gotta go. So do those dry ass hard ass fucking cookies

  4. ice cream and cookies. Fuck sugar me wants salt

  5. Whats weird is stopping yourself from doing something (legal) because of someone elses opinion.

  6. Meanwhile white french chefs own more Michelin stars than probably every other chefs combined

  7. Could you imagine how much easier it would be to do the arm wave with a spine like this

  8. Surprised its not been mentioned, you have to go to Thomas Beach.

  9. Yup. Thomas beach was my gf and I's favorite South Kuta beach. Perfect to rent a bed and chill.

  10. Xerics tally to hosidius patch, camelot tele to catherby patch, ardy tele to ardy patch, draynor manor tele to fally patch, ectophial to morytania patch, battlefront tele to farming guild

  11. As a native french speaker I can understand the confusion because the word is written the same in french but pronounced sheyma. Dont bully me I still say skeema

  12. Only thing I have is a old Despised Icon's Ills of Modern Man t-shirt which i cut the sleeves a long time ago. I love it but my gf hates it and I'm only allowed to wear it at home lmaoo believe me I do

  13. Wish theyd bring the mario and luigi cars from Nintendo Switch to PC

  14. After a shower your balls should be as clean as your face so the order doesnt matter

  15. It can be a Boolean called "hasDick". It makes things simple.

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