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  1. Give the tretinoin a chance, you have only started! Full results take two years. In the mean time take care of your moisture barrier and protect your skin from UV and your golden! Tret is a very powerful treatment it just needs time.

  2. No argument here, don’t know how anyone could argue nutrition science facts. The body will breaks down the collagen into amino acids just as it does protein - gets thrown in that same amino acid pool that protein does and is used in whatever the body needs it for.

  3. There is a lot more glycine in collagen protein than any other source. It's not just 'amino acids', it's which particular ones. You can actually supplement glycine on its own to get a lot of the collagen replenishing effects of collagen powders, though collagen powders will always be more complete.

  4. I’m a bad vegetarian. I have meat/poultry about twice a month but do tell me more tho

  5. You're probably lacking omega 3s in your diet and this is very inflammatory for the whole body as well as causing rough dry skin. Vegetarian sources of omega 3s are flaxseed oil, hemp seed oil, walnuts and you can also buy algae capsules. You will notice a drastic improvement very fast if you correct this.

  6. I have the exact same problem with moistuzers, every single one either causes closed comedones or breaks me out.

  7. I'm a DC at 169, I think disqualifying yourself from a type based on one centimetre is silly.

  8. If that's the case then standards for women are in the earth's core. Just don't be overweight.

  9. That's only because 70% of women are overweight or obese in the west. You're saying the standards are on the floor but only one third of women qualify, that's not really on the floor now is it? If all women were normal weight there would probably be extra standards added to once again differentiate between them as new problems begin to stand out. Go to a country like South Korea and see what it's like there, being thin is NOT enough because almost everyone is already. Probably hard to imagine in the west I know.

  10. There are a lot of thin girls in Korea, but not a lot of athletic

  11. If you've gained fat on your face but no where else you might need to get yourself checked for Cushing's Syndrome... Just in case this hasn't been brought up.

  12. Oh yeah I imagine that must hasn't been alarming as hell and perry scary!

  13. Yes it was, not terrifying but very startling. It helps that I already knew they exist and a fair bit about what they could be about so I didn't think it was an evil demon or something. I would probably feel close to the same fear if some strange person showed up right next to my bed mind you. Also I wasn't paralyzed and I found that to be notable and relieving. Being able to flee helps the panic a lot I imagine. I think as ET info becomes more mainstream people won't react so badly.

  14. Its just been ingrained in our society to fear them. When really there isn't anything to fear. They're more afraid of what we are capable of. That's a great experience/story you have to tell! :)

  15. I don't think they're all benevolent, I've read enough horrific experiences. But yes overall it's a childlish fear of the unknown and xenophobia.

  16. I don't think it's very helpful to call someone a dweeb, rejection hurts, it's equivalent to physical pain and this is shown in a study. Acting like it doesn't is callous and cruel. People need to be taught the mental/emotional resources to process it in healthy ways, not ridiculed for it.

  17. That just sounds like you haven't gotten rejected enough lol. After a certain point, rejection should just slide off your back. Keep in mind, you shouldn't invest any feelings into someone before the first date.

  18. I think that depends on how mentally resilient someone is, not every one learns to ignore it, some people find it soul destroying. Their upbringing probably has a lot to do with which way they go.

  19. You can't die from herpes, but I'm pretty sure having a mullet can kill you

  20. I just got a Mini, would you mind sharing your routine?

  21. 5 minutes each cheek, 5 minutes forehead and under jaw (15 minutes total). slow upward and outward motions, holding under the cheeckbone, or the outer eyebrow up sometimes too. Don't bother going down the jawbone itself with each ball either side of it, there's no muscle there so it's pointless. I see this one all the time. To get that sharp jawline you have to bring the cheek up and work the double chin area. Gentle pressure, no need to press hard.

  22. No they don't feel tight at all, just more toned. I don't go anywhere near the thyroid, I hug the bottom of my jaw pretty closely with it. My cheeks can feel like I've been laughing a lot, fatigued is probably the best description. This only shows up if I actually end up laughing during the day, not just at rest.

  23. If we're doing eugenics then there would be a list of factors to select for, and attractiveness would be FAR down on that list. There are so many more important things. If you love your partner, it doesn't matter if they're not attractive. People age. Stretchmarks, wrinkles, weight gain, etc. happen. Integrity and maturity are the standards people should select for first and foremost.

  24. Then you read the stories of people actually doing that and how miserable they are because the physical connection is forced. Sex is 10% of a relationship if it's working, and 90% if it isn't. We all get old and wrinkly over time but the chemistry can still be there if you pick someone you are physically attracted too.

  25. The only thing that high caffeine consumption has ever given me is a feeling of grogginess and lethargy in the morning until I get my fix. I have so much more energy over all from the moment of waking if I wean off it completely. The problem is one of uses at this point are really dramatic energy and motivation boosts, so the cycle begins again 😫

  26. Not just Schrödinger. Most physicists of that age did.

  27. Most mystics of every age believe this too. Advanced meditators describe the field of awareness in which the individual awareness is a small fragment of the whole and viewing the world through an ego. This ego is just a function of that fragment of consciousness being attached to a meat suit, and the biological realities of self-preservation that are required. This is what's meant by the adage 'we are all one'

  28. That's hilarious this is literally my mother and my brother and their dynamic is quite extreme

  29. Could it be an allergy to a new food or product you're using? I kind of had something similar while I was pregnant and became sensitive to my soy derived vitamin E oil I was using. That's just a guess though.

  30. Oh I think you’ve got it! I’m allergic to most animals and my friend recently got a cat, I must be allergic to it :,( Thankyou!

  31. Besides sun screen I think the only thing that can really be done is looking after your health to not lose too much collagen prematurely, so things like not smoking, a good diet, regular exercise... I take collagen powder to help as well but I must admit I haven't checked my elbows to see if it's helped there (I do see a difference in my face and neck). Maybe exfoliating and moisturizing would lessen the wrinkles a bit?

  32. Good point! I should like at other people’s elbows to know if maybe it’s normal! I’ve been taking collagen for a while, so clearly that didn’t help that part, but thankfully my face is doing alright :)

  33. I think it's one of those things that most people just never even look at, and if you yourself don't, why bother worrying?

  34. Yeah we discovered how high a cat can fall a few years ago when our kittens fell off the balcony in the house. Short falls are actually more dangerous, because cats can't orient themselves. After something like 8 stories, cats reach terminal velocity, and can generally survive falls, especially if the ground is soft. You could technically throw a cat out of a plane, and it landed somewhere soft, it would be relatively unscathed.

  35. Thanks everyone, the reason why I posted in 30+ is because my skin behaves older than 25 so I thought might get some answers here from people who might know a thing or 2 rather than 20yr olds who don’t have this issue, these pics really don’t do it justice. A few weeks ago I was out on the beach with 2 of my girl friends who are 27 and 28. One of them put me on the spot and asked “you have cellulite??” Ever since I’ve been noticing people who are older and heavier than me don’t have anywhere near as much as I do so I def got concerned. I eat healthy and jog a few times a week with my dog. I feel like my body is rapid aging.

  36. I'm sorry you're getting down voted, this sub is a bit toxic, don't take it personally

  37. The only thing that's ever eliminated mine was being underweight which I'm just not willing to do. Some people see an improvement with caffeine creams though.

  38. Might be worth doing some reading on where western, white beauty standards come from, particularly around body hair. Feeling attractive and trying to fit in to a narrow definition of what that is that has roots in patriarchy and racism are not the same.

  39. And is wanting to please your sexual partner the patriarchy too? Don't you think men (when they are healthy) do the same?

  40. It can be, yeah. We don’t exist in a vacuum and absolutely internalize societal messages about beauty and attraction. Like. There’s shit you can read on this, on changing beauty standards over time, how it is a function of patriarchy (and colonialism) and how “individual preferences” are actually heavily influenced by these ideals.

  41. Yeah I don't doubt that were very influenced by social pressures and can internalize beauty standards. I was just pointing out it's not that simple, we also have innate drives to want to be attractive and there's no need to pathologize that. But fuck me apparently, I'm a misogynist for suggesting that. Can we take a moment to appreciate the sub that this discussion is taking place? This is not directed at you specifically, just the people continually down voting me.

  42. Ok wow now I also want to buy this random contraption?? Looks like it would be so addicting to use

  43. It also damages skin and can cause severe bruising! Don't fall for it!

  44. Lol thank you. I knew there was no way it could be a good idea but the thing does look like it would be very satisfying

  45. I too wish I could vacuum my face lmao, those types of products are really seductive

  46. The tshirt idea is interesting! Thank you for saying my skin looks good :)

  47. For the chest wrinkles I've heard a tip that sleeping with a rolled up Tshirt between your breasts helps. Some people also use silicone patches at night time. Aside from that your skin honestly looks really good.

  48. Niacinamide helps even out mine but I hear it makes some people break out so tread with caution.

  49. Haha someone wanna explain what exactly about this comment warrants downvotes? Honestly the more i read things on these skincare subs, some of the most bitchy and toxic attitudes on all the reddit subs i check out. Facts Thanks to those of you that were actually helpful appreciated

  50. Please don't let it get to you, people can be surprisingly immature when they come across something they don't understand.

  51. Thank you. The person i was replying to removed their comment now as did other people so i look like im talking to myself. Thanks for the suggestion, its so complicated and crazy whats going on with me due to illness and severe malnutrition the last period I had was june 2018 then nothing. The drs here are so bad you cant imagine just a remote isolated island so we have no specialists nevermind a derm. So i gave up even trying to get anywhere with all that until my ongoing gasto issues are a bit better. I went to the general doctor several times about wanting it investigated, didnt even do bloods, and never got further than "oh theyll come back when youre better nourished".. Ive been on tube feeds into my veins and it still didbt change. I dont have any PCOS symptoms but hopefully i can finally start getting to the bottom of everything with better doctors away from the island.

  52. Far out that's such a pain in the ass when you can't get proper medical care. I sincerely hope things improve for you.

  53. Just use a fake name and a throwaway email address

  54. You can still find out you have 25 half siblings and counting because you were in actual fact a test tube baby. This happened to my friend, turned her whole world upside down.

  55. One of those products of the sketchy doctor running a fertility clinic that replaces everyone's "sample" with his own?

  56. No, her parents lied to her. They had fertility struggles for years before going that route, they wanted a baby so badly. The messed up thing is they severely abused her as a child. It was a lot to take in for her as she never felt wanted. She was processing it for so long.

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