1. Hi :) You look so beautiful!!!! I would consider spring pallets. You are bright and clear to me🤭

  2. They both look good, but I’ve read us SD’s want to create a “T” with our clothing, my vote is black dress 🖤

  3. I get really confused between d, sd and fn. i would have thought of you as an fn or d. Im still learning, would you or someone else be willing to explain what makes you sd? (You are gorj btw and the maroon color is beautiful on you)

  4. Oh, a newbie! I was also confused between all of those id’s, but I suppose i’m sd - my height is 170 cm, I have a strong vertical line - long limbs, but curvy at the same time. When I gain weight, I’m still curvy - my waist never disappears. Also, my face has naturally romantic features: plump lips, “doe” eyes and a straight nose, but it also has sharp features 🤭 To me, SD is a sharp and plump silhouette at the same time - dramatic essence mixes with the romantic essence❤️ I’m definitely not a D, because I’m not that thin and boyish, and I’m not a FN because of the silhouette-it’s not that wide. I really hope it helped, even though I’m not good with explaining it in english👉🏻👈🏻

  5. I absolutely love the top! If were you, I would tuck it in. But I hate the colour of the jeans… the bootcut look amazingly cute, but colours are mismatch imo😔

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