1. Yea same. I kinda wonder why second skin is so widely used. Never used it, all mine healed well. Is it just so you don't have to worry about touching/cleaning it for a few days?

  2. I love the stuff, it speeds up the healing process and you basically don't have to worry about it for a few days. I bought some for myself in case an artist doesn't utilize it

  3. We had them very briefly in my store before they received the asterisk of death.

  4. I like them, great texture. The lemon coconut one is my favorite, which surprised me because I assumed I would like the chocolate ones best.

  5. We've had these for a couple weeks and I finally decided to try them yesterday. I think they're good, I like them better than the ChocXO keto snaps that were recently on sale.

  6. I lost my wallet and had to cancel my cards and get them reissued. When I made a return after this, they asked if I wanted it back on the purchase card and I explained it was lost and they just put it back on my new card instead.

  7. no but 'gateau a la pistache' gives me a fuzzy feeling

  8. As someone who works self checkout semi-frequently, I will wait until the member scans almost everything, then approach and greet them as I attune my scanner to their machine and let them know I can scan the big/heavy items for them. I've never had someone tell me no unless they have multiple orders like in your first instance. And I will typically wait until they are almost done so that they don't ask me if I can just scan everything for them, since at my store all small items need to be scanned at the machine and placed on the scale.

  9. Hilo life keto tortilla chips - chili lime flavor. The nacho cheese is good too.

  10. We had the nacho cheese Hilo chips but they received the asterisk of death pretty much immediately.. I miss them

  11. Truffle. I like mushrooms but I can't stand truffle or truffle oil. It's so disappointing when a dish on a menu sounds amazing but there's something with truffle in it.

  12. That dressing has the asterisk of death at my store right now

  13. I applied online on a Saturday night and got a call on Monday morning for an interview

  14. You get a raise after every 1040 hours worked. I'm pretty sure the first two raises are 0.50 and after that they go to $1.

  15. With the new handbook each raise is now $1 instead of 50 cents

  16. A fellow employee told me yesterday that the reason why the food court got rid of several items and stopped carrying things like onions/relish was to keep the hot dog combo at $1.50. Never considered that but it makes sense.

  17. Do you know if it’s just the Costco-branded Mastercard that will work, or is it any MC held by a Canadian member? Thanks!

  18. Only the Costco Mastercard will work as credit. You can use any debit card if you enter a pin number.

  19. You don't need a membership to buy items from the food court. Unless that is a recent change.

  20. You don't need to present a membership card when at the food court if it's inside the warehouse (some outdoor food courts require membership cards), but my warehouse won't let you in without a membership unless you say you are going to the pharmacy or to the optician, like others have noted.

  21. I was hired as a truck driver based solely on my experience as a truck driver. No pushing carts.

  22. Truck driver isn't a warehouse position, which is what this thread is about.

  23. It appears to be about applying for a position that you have experience in.

  24. OP applied for a warehouse position. Which is why I gave the relevant info about previous experience not mattering in terms of being hired in a warehouse.

  25. The danishes, muffins, and bagels don't have a UPC because you get two packs of each and I assume it would be way too easy to double scan that barcode. But the person you responded to is also wrong, they don't have to be hand keyed. At my store we have a strip of barcodes above each register that has those bakery items, ice, and stamps for easy scanning. Costco doesn't want cashiers hand keying item numbers and what happened to OP is just one reason why.

  26. You can order it from the person who scans your groceries

  27. Only whole pizzas at my store, everything else you have to order at the food court itself

  28. I just wish the area was less sketchy / the park was more accessible for burnside. It’s kind of squished uncomfortably amongst grungy industrial and out of place wanna be upscale gated residential buildings at this point, and besides maybe Tilt and Wayfinder there’s not much reason to go down there.

  29. Tilt has been gone for awhile now, all of their locations are closed

  30. Sounds like there's enough people abusing the self-checkout to sneak out some things so the manager probably instructed employees to do a double-check.

  31. As someone who works self checkout pretty often, I don't think it's intentional abuse. There are a lot of reasons why people think they are scanning a product when they actually aren't scanning it. This amounts to one or more items being left off of the receipt. We're getting new machines installed at my location soon, so I'm hopeful those machines have less issues than our current ones.

  32. Okay, so have those foldable crates and I've always wanted to bring them in for shopping. I always felt that they would think I stole them because I dont see people do this at my costco. ...but people do actually bring them in?! Because if so, I am doing it.

  33. It's pretty easy for us to tell if one is brand new or if one is owned/used. Bring it in.

  34. Do people at your store bring their insta crates in their carts? Just curious

  35. Some of them do. Some people bring bags, and while I appreciate saving a box for the next member, putting stuff in floppy bags is way slower and less efficient

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