1. It was for 2 different foundations, 2 different concealers, lipstick, highlighter, lipgloss, eyeliner and eyeshadow I believe. Revlon was also one of the brands but I accidentally deleted the screenshot.

  2. Omg I tried to get that exact same Frankie from Amazon some months ago (for $89). I bought her then two months later it said she still hadn't shipped yet 🙃 so I canceled my order and I don't even think I got my money back. I'm glad you got her tho!

  3. Oh no. That’s exactly what I was worried about. I’m sorry you never got it. But definitely make sure you got your refund if not raise hell with Amazon. Even if it’s been a while. I would still push to get it back.

  4. It actually was a different order I think. I paid 70 for frankie from a 3rd party seller back in June. I contacted them then and told them it hadn't shipped and they told me that it wasnt their responsibility for shipping it was amazon. But then Amazon told me they can't do anything until the item shipped 🙄 ugh.

  5. Damn that’s messed up. I’m sorry to hear that. If it’s not past a certain amount of time maybe you could do a charge back?!

  6. I am obsessed with your work. They are absolutely stunning. I’ve seen a couple pieces on Mercari. I LOVE Bea. You are incredibly talented and after Christmas I plan on buying one of your pieces for my collection.

  7. You are so incredibly kind! You’ve got me smiling ear to ear, truly. Thank you so much 🖤

  8. You’re so very welcome. You are insanely talented and look forward to see what you make in the future.

  9. I’ve now gotten post surveys for two of the campaigns that disappeared, even though both had 20+ days left.

  10. I was able to do the post surveys but I wasn’t able to complete the campaign tasks.

  11. I would let Influenster know that way it doesn’t effect your account.

  12. love to see everyone hating them, hope this makes buying them easier for me i actually love them😭

  13. Yesss! I love them and hopefully it makes getting them easier.

  14. Thank you! I paused both my Ipsy boxes today because I wasn’t really interested in the spoilers. So I signed up for this specially since they had the Black Friday deal. It came out to $12.19. And I did Rakuten for $5 cash back.

  15. It’s so cute. They were sold out at my hot topic and I saw bunch on Mercari for 100 dollars. I’m so bitter. 😭 Hope they restock soon.

  16. So I am not very educated on how stitchfix works, but a friend of mine loves it. Do you pay the 49.99 for the style pass alone? And then pay for whatever items you decide to keep? Or how does that all work exactly?

  17. So when you sign up for stitchfix there is a monthly $20 charge that’s a styling fee. You get that amount taken off your box every month. And if you keep all the pieces you get the $20 off plus 25%. If you decide to do the style pass is a one time charge a year of $49.99 so you don’t have to pay the $20 a month. The $49.99 is taken off your box or you can use it in their free style store. Same for the $20.

  18. Awesome, thank you for all the info! The pricing doesn't sound nearly as bad when you break it down like that, but that is unfortunate that they don't have a very big inventory.

  19. If your looking for basic pieces like jeans and sweaters which is what I was looking for when I signed up. You’re good. They also have some work attire. I have seen that in others boxes. I also got a cute north face hoodie. You can pick stuff from the free style shop for them to include in your box. That way you can try on before you buy. I did that a couple times with a pair of keds boots, some joggers, a couple bralettes, socks. (I signed up during covid and it made it super convenient to not have to go to the store for stuff). The prices are kinda high in the freestyle shop. Like the keds boots I ended up getting. We’re $75.99 but we’re on sale on keds for $44. So always check prices. If you keep all 5 pieces it is a pretty good deal sometimes.

  20. If you love Matt Smith in House of Dragons and haven’t watched him in Doctor who yet you’re missing out.. so go watch it now.

  21. Mine too! I hope it stays missing. I’m not too impressed with this “$410” cream. lol

  22. I got the eye cream. I’ve liked it so far. Don’t know if I’d pay 225 dollars for it though.

  23. I didn’t realize either. I figured once I cancelled that would be it. I’m just glad I caught it and that they handled the situation really well compared other subscriptions I’ve had. I made sure to rate the CS agent that helped me.

  24. Ooh good call. I just went and turned off auto renew. Didn’t realize I needed to do that!

  25. Me either! I figured once I cancelled that was it. But I’m glad they were so quick to handle it and nice about it too.

  26. Her and Candy is the other one. There was only a certain amount made for factory workers birthdays. Each one is numbered. So these are much harder to find and go for way more. This one is Ever after high and monster high parts and Candy is just MH I believe.

  27. Same!! When I used to work at a grocery store I was forever fake scanning stuff for people. Single moms, old people, young people. Specially baby diapers and formula. Anyone really. Fuck all these corporations. And fuck some of these charities too that get stuff for free sell it for outrageous so poor people can’t even afford it, who take advantage of their employees and give their CEOs raises. 🤷‍♀️

  28. for real! i would have to weigh groceries and for anyone who looked like they needed help i’d just hold the bag up or put it under something really really cheap lol. 3 pounds of potatos? no. fuck that. 0.1 pounds of watermelon. like 6 cents or some shit😭

  29. Yesss!! The amount of people who would ask to see the total after every scan and be paying in change. Old women buying a bunch of just tuna to share with their cats. People Buying dented cans, asking for the discounted section. Asking to put stuff back, Was absolutely heart breaking. I learned quick the tell signs and would help as much as I could. This was 20 years ago. I can’t imagine how bad it is now. These same jobs who would work me up to 42 hours one week but 39 hours the next so they wouldn’t have to give me insurance. The same who paid less than minimum wage. Who made billions. Fuck all of them.

  30. I know!! 😍 she’s on my want list. I eventually want all the the I heart fashion line. I have Frankie and Whisp so far. Her and Iris are the next two I’m gonna buy.

  31. The part I don’t get is that would it be in Mercari best interest to take the pics down (you’d think they’d have an algorithm to check for this) as they’re out the money. Unless the buyers are confirming prior to seeing the goods and Mercari isn’t refunding them…which would suck.

  32. Yea you’d think it would be but nope they let them stay up till it’s sells. It’s super messed up. It also makes people wary to shop on there for fear of getting ripped off. Mercari gains nothing from letting these accounts and posts stay up.

  33. This one and the Pennywise outta box is another scam these accounts are using. I keep reporting them and nothing ever happens. They always show sold with in a couple hours. I hope people are getting their money back.

  34. I got one of the mystery bags since I skipped out on both base bag and gbp this month...also bought one of the hair brushes (been waiting on them to be sold at a reasonable price! Lol), the scalp massager (stocking stuffer for my bf who struggles with dandruff i was thinking??), both of those candles (i have a candle obsession lately...need them burning at all times lol), idr what else but I only spent like 50$ and I feel like I got a lot :).

  35. My husband uses one of those scalp massagers for his dandruff and it works wonders. I even use it in the shower it feels so good on the scalp.

  36. Just curious...has anyone ever seen or received a product from Estee Lauder? Been a member over 3 years and have NEVER seen it in a bag or up for any choice or sales, I WISH!!! Still hoping to get that Sunday Riley Moisturizer too, hopefully one day!

  37. Yes! I’ve been subscribed on and off since 2012. I’ve gotten Estée Lauder lipsticks. In regular and plus at one point but it’s been a long time since.

  38. I just bought her recently and it’s taken everything to not take her outta the box. She’s just so gorgeous.

  39. Enjoy! I just got the overnight mask. It’s super luxe. I’m surprised the only ask is for a review on influenster. Is your campaign the same?

  40. Thank you! I started it last night. So far so good. The overnight mask looks so good. I wish I had gotten something like that. I have so many eye creams lol

  41. I’m super jealous. That looks heavenly. Enjoy it my love.

  42. Thank you! 🤍 Hope you get an amazing box soon.

  43. All the people saying it sounded perfectly fine are ignoring the fact that it completely changed with every episode. By the end it was so bad it takes you right out of the scene. Like it was dubbed over.

  44. It’s becoming those colder months where colds run rampant. I’m actually happy to have this stuff. Voxbox includes….

  45. These are so adorable. Why have I never seen these?! But I need them in my life now. They would look so cute with my troll collection.

  46. That used to be about boys but they changed it to suit their hatred. Look it up. It used to say “Man shall not lie with young boys as he does with a woman, for it is an abomination.”

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