Campfire Invites MegaThread—Pay it Forward

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  • By - TAZ68

  1. Shiny mamoswine looks like he ate something bad and is trying to hold back vomit 🤢

  2. I really love all of your detail. I have one day in my itinerary open and I am wondering if it is worth it to visit Reykjavik or could I skip it and do snellsfessnes peninsula instead?

  3. Lol, these might be some of the best tips, don’t want to end up ninja peeing and chipping my teeth on apples 🤣

  4. Thanks, anything you wished you had/hadn’t done? Debating whether to do a day in Reykjavik or snaellsfessnes on our trip

  5. Day 3 and 6, same thing. Just do all of Golden Circle day 3. Use day 6 to slowly drive back and enjoy the drive, perhaps seeing things you didn’t notice or had to skip. Staying near Selfoss is still a good idea.

  6. Early September Thanks, these are the days I’m most stuck on, don’t want to drive to the glacier lagoon all in one day, but that leaves some back tracking

  7. We’re planning to go this September, how did this itinerary work out?

  8. Nope but congrats on the plat medal. Did you use reddit gift exchange to find friends from the rare regions like Tundra, jungle, sandstorm?

  9. Oh, thanks! I already had a lot of international friends from there

  10. Thanks a ton, I got this one. I got zero from Ocean, Sandstorm , Tundra, Jungle. Granted I'm about to add a bunch of people, just did a massive friends list cleanup since I was maxed out at 400. Do you have Ocean by chance?

  11. No, that one’s hard to get, people in Hawaii must be exhausted with friend requests

  12. I've been to Ireland and Iceland and they are both absolutely fantastic places to visit -- but if your husband doesn't do well with trips wouldn't Colorado be the easiest/best on him?

  13. That’s why I’ve left colorado in the running 😉, he picked Ireland and Iceland to add to the list

  14. Having been to all 3, I’d vote for Iceland. When I went, we rented a kitted out camper van. Travel at your own pace. There were very good restaurants scattered along the island. Scenery and hiking amazing. Ireland would be second choice. Good whiskey for sure. Excellent scenery. Some nightlife, with great music. For me though, Iceland was the most memorable and one of the top 5 places I’ve been to. I feel like CO is cool, but not worthy of an “anniversary” trip.

  15. Camper van is a cool idea, it was able to navigate the roads ok?

  16. I have archipelago, I need 1 sandstorm to complete, let me know

  17. I have beach postcards 🙏🏼 I am archipelago, but I try to send gifts daily, add if you have space pokemother10

  18. Hi, pls added 7154 8298 0012, i’m from Czech Rep. Continental. Thx!!!

  19. I’m archipelago and need ocean if you want to add me :-) 7998 2688 6304

  20. Level 41, archipelago region, active player sends gifts, does raids, etc. also, I live near a beach and have pretty postcards 🙏🏼

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