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Biden lambastes 'MAGA Republicans' in rare prime time attack just 2 months before the midterms: 'There is no place for political violence in America'

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  1. You keep right on thinking I’m alone, we’ll see in the end

  2. Since when is Trump on the same level as Hitler? Or fascists in general? Here in central Europe, we have a party openly advocating for segregation, labour camps and the death penalty. They also add a "p" every single time when they talk about the lgbt community (and they aren't talking about pansexuals). I think the stuff Trump says and stands for is pretty tame compared to actual fascism.

  3. They are fascists in that they are stomping out the rights of minorities and trying to take control of the narrative.

  4. You thought you were a 5 for awhile, didn't you?

  5. Indeed, lol. The misconceptions about 6 don't help - the wording can definitely use a bit of changing because from a 6's perspective, I don't sound like most descriptions of 6. It's a type that's hard to nail down so I understand why at least.

  6. Thats basically the altright in a nutshell. When kids grow up with hobbies that make them ostracized. One of two things happen. Some realize they need to ease off talking about conspiricays, werewolves or my little pony at school and they end up fine.

  7. People who think America is a democracy 🤡

  8. I’ve seen plenty of discussion of type prevalence, but it’s either based on data with very, very significant validity issues (self-selected pool, whether test questions align to type, self-reporting, etc.), or through logical reasoning… which in this case happens to align with the present data, so may be reasonably questioned for confirmation bias. The problem I see is there is essentially no way to objectively collect data, because Enneagram is not an objective, empirical science - it’s not a science at all. The data that exists is full of holes and issues. We know, for instance, that Susan from Wales self-identified as a 7w6 on June 24, 2001. Does Susan still think she is a 7? What does Susan think now? What is her type if now she thinks she’s a 3? Did it change or was she wrong? If she was wrong, when was she wrong? Who is able to determine this with fidelity? How?

  9. Alright I've got a technical story for you then. It's long, so buckle up.

  10. This really drives in the fact that we are held up by toothpicks and string.

  11. wtf is imagistics? I just looked it up and this is all I get:

  12. remove the rw/lw labels and what you have is one armed group of individuals there to protect families and children from being threatened and harassed by another group of armed individuals.

  13. Sorry the founding fathers put the second amendment in so slave patrols could be armed and use force to retrieve property. The individual right to own and bare arms, which is an old timey expression of military arms under the state was first recognized by the Heller decision in the 1980s. Heller only recognized that right for arms in the home.

  14. After that response you're probably out of mental energy for the day

  15. I'm on/off with communities, but I mostly saw (still see) "6s = deer," which always annoys me to hell. All I can think of that wonderful animal choice is, "As if we're constantly 'deer in the headlights' with life?" Even as an SP 6 with an SP 6 parent... I would never pick deer. It's basically just another pest animal, which seems to be popular to compare 6 to...

  16. I sort of see what you're trying to do here (567 continuum between pessimism at 5w4 and optimism at 7w8), but I don't think it works.

  17. Now that is interesting, I'd say 7w8 teases you to start a debate then 9w1 asks you guys to stop arguing

  18. Actually no, it's mostly me and 7w8 going goblin mode while the poor 9w1 struggles to catch his breath. He also contributes a lot too but less likely to be opinionated than us two. I do the most teasing by far, but they clap back all the time (9w1 is so funny/brutal when they finally clap back lmfao)

  19. Oh wow, okay...would you be willing to explain to me what it is for the 5 then?

  20. 5s fear being incapable and useless. To an extent 6w5 has that too (5 wing) but a 6w5 specifically uses external data to guide themselves on the 'right path'. 5 is less inclined to care about the 'right path' and is more confident in their own thinking. Support in this context just means something to guide thinking or to make things clear. You have to understand it's because 6's baseline way of thinking is very chaotic and overwhelming, so to be totally without guidance in that sense is to succumb to dreadful thought spirals.

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