1. I have to admit I miss Dale! I actually miss his grumpiness and all his back and forth with Bob and Chuey. It’s just not the same? I thought he was on vacation. I just found it he was fired? Sorry I’m late to this news. ☹️

  2. The show was literally the only thing left on FM radio I still listened to. Guess I’m 100% Sirius XM now.

  3. :( I know, it’s so sad. Especially the timing, idk. Everything is so generally fucked. I hope Dale gets sober again. He seemed so happy.

  4. I get more of a lighter, sweet tart vibe (orange blossom?) compared to OG’s deeper warmer tonka basenote.

  5. But really… I swear… ROOTBEER. Look for it 🥺

  6. Doesn't mean we shouldn't take steps to slow down the spread. Hospitalizations and ICU admissions are growing at incredible rates right now.

  7. Jazz by the fire is actually a fragrance and it’s 🔥

  8. I’m absolutely dying to buy this!!! I know multiple people who are. I have heard from a few sources that it will be available again in December, but I just tried to go to their website and it won’t load. I hope they’re still in business!

  9. Hi! I was able to order this off the official site just now. It’s not clear if they’re still back ordered but the add to cart is no longer disabled!

  10. It’s actually cold where I live today, we’ve had a very warm winter, so I’m wearing the beautiful Commodity Milk today. Perfect cozy scent

  11. 30 degree drop overnight has me in solstice scents’ snowmint mallow glacé and feve.

  12. First class, and print the label through PayPal for a small discount :) just has to be under a pound.

  13. https://www.supplyhouse.com/Brasscraft-SK0230-Moen-Chateau-Tub-Shower-Trim-Kit?gclid=Cj0KCQiAnuGNBhCPARIsACbnLzoW7z4QJHbqr4fJryVaohsE1LuQM382C9xp3EurMzCUpoNgGet-ehwaAqddEALw_wcB

  14. Lol no problem.literally comes with everything except the cartridge.1225b cartridge at lowes is 20 bucks I believe.but if you have a week to wait moen will send ya 1 for free.there lifetime warranty.

  15. I can’t believe how much you guys all helped me out. Saved me time and money. Seriously thank you so much. I ordered the cartridge but I will 💯go for a free one next time. I’ll try to post a pic here once I have everything rigged up. These acrylic knobs are so nineties grandma but I’m going to roll with it.

  16. Might be late for this, but it's from Zara, 100%

  17. No fuckin way!!! I thought it might have been but couldn’t confirm. Thank you!

  18. Stop itttt I was signed up for email notifications and never got one!! Can you describe it? And let me know your other faves?

  19. I signed up for emails and never got them. I just always stalked the page everyday and I got lucky yesterday at 7am it said in stock. I had seen on a post in Instagram previously in a comment that it would be back on the site for the Christmas holiday on US site. Seems they have odd times of releasing.

  20. 100%. I was working at a cosmetics counter in that era and that formulation had a huge impact on me. First time fragrance hit my radar.

  21. Alien Musc Mysterieux. Not good on me. Not good at all.

  22. I haven’t tried it, but the notes in Solstice Scents Midnight Marquee sound cyberpunk leaning steampunk:

  23. Trying out Kyse - J today. There’s something kind of heady about this scent that I’m lowkey into. This reminds me of Kyse - Vanille de Cedre but I definitely like this one better.

  24. Kyse is so good and Terri is such a sweetheart! Thanks for these insights- I ordered Gardenia Sucre and requested Bonbon vanille as a sample.

  25. Yes, I love Kyse! And I’m terrible with descriptions, but there’s like a smokiness to it that makes you want to keep huffing it 😂 It definitely leans more masc/unisex imo but I think it’s definitely worth a try if you like Vanille de Cedre.

  26. I actually haven’t tried any of her vanillas! I was worried about fragrantica saying they were on the softer side. How is the strength? Arghhhh I am getting myself into trouble. May I ask what your other kyse faves are?

  27. A friend in the industry said she is very beautiful and very stuck up IRL.

  28. Your comment was the first I’d heard of it, so I wanted to ask for your recommendations! Thanks for all the info! I also lean towards gourmands, so I’m excited to look into what you’ve recommended

  29. That’s so cool! I really hope you get your hands on some and love it! Thanks for asking me- love talking fragrance :)

  30. I’m excited to try a not so talked about brand. Thanks for mentioning them and bring them to my attention!

  31. Theres a podcast called Behind the Bastards and they did a couple of episodes about Dr. Phill. I recommend it!

  32. Very light tea but my family member lived next door to her for years. She and her husband are super cool and friendly.

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