Mechanical spider rig

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Zero gravity handwriting simulation

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  1. Yessss!!!! This is SO cool (ninja edit: also thanks for keeping me posted! Much appreciated!)

  2. Yes, this is looking very good!!! I'm keeping an

  3. His call the spark for this project, my brother showed me the video he made and I just had to jump on it!

  4. Amazing! Looking forward to see the outcome of this!

  5. I love it!!!!! The bouncing core really makes it come alive!

  6. I love it!!! The idea of making a dragonfly from that tutorial is exactly the type of stuff I was hoping people would do!!! Amazing work

  7. How did you model the brain for this one? Inflated cloth?

  8. It’s a curve with some thickness! Edit: and the simulation is a soft body with some vertex parenting

  9. Not overkill at all, I love this idea! 🙌🏻 How did you make the object follow from arm to arm? I feel like it’s always so diffifult to keyframe the parenting between different objects

  10. Very cool. One question. Does each leg joint have a heavy spring pulling the leg inward/down? Placement of the rope/tendon is confusing me with the walking animation. Example: Tendon on the backside of your hand pulls the fingers up and straight.

  11. I’m not sure if I fully understand the question, but I can confidently say that the rig is much less advanced than it might look like from this video. The tiny ‘hooks’ pulling the cables are just bones with constraints that converts local X axis from the legs’ IK targets to the hooks’ global Z, (then multiplied by 0.1x or something). It could as well have been a driver because it’s just about finding a way to convert one single-axis motion to another.

  12. This is so cool, I would love to see this get built in the physical world.

  13. Yes!! Would be so cool to have this as a super light and fragile 10cm tall wind-up toy

  14. I came here to say this reminds me of polyfjord

  15. This looks amazing! What hardware did you need to render that?

  16. I alternated between a 2080ti and an A6000, and it took somewhere between 10 to 12 hours to render in total I think (the GPUs weren't rendering at the same time)

  17. Did you track the slit your fingers attach it so perfectly? It looks really good

  18. Thanks!! It was rotoscoped every 3-5 frames using Auto key! In this case that ended up being faster than trying to get a good track without markers

  19. Yes! Am I allowed to link it?? Someone else shared it below I think

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