1. Youd cause some car accidents if you qalked down the street

  2. In the us if you are adding commentary it generally falls into fair use...veyond that copyrights usually expire 50 years after the death of the author...i think its 50....#notlegaladvice

  3. I thought that was a parody account.....who takes a twitter handle "best selling biologist" and means to be taken seriously

  4. Is it me or does the priest on the left look like elon musk?

  5. It takes place during the Meiji Restoration period in old Japan.

  6. right i was saying i thought it was an anime take on the netflix movie Bright with will smith being a cop in fantasy LA who has to partner with an orc, except now its anime and takes place in feudal japan

  7. I mean deficit is a yearly measure of spending vs income, so yeah if he didnt manage to reduce the deficit after multi trillion dollar stimulus packages last year and none this year theres something wrong there

  8. Not that you can trust dentists anyway, big toothstuff writes all the books they study from, and if noone had cavities or tooth issues they would be out of a job so its in their interest to feed you false info. After all 80 years ago they were saying sugary cereal was good for you, what else are they lying about..... /s to be safe

  9. It's a fun switch to the formula, and I'm looking forward to the new season

  10. Wait....new season... its been like 4 years....when is this happening

  11. Wouldnt the declaration of blockers be the point where the game state becomes visually affected?

  12. They forget that the second amendment has that whole militia clause

  13. To be fair the guy who wrote alice in wonderland is believed to have been a pedophile, so they may have something on that score

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