1. What BS. How he could not know she was 16 if he was her teacher.

  2. Yeah this is the absolute dumbest situation of using this excuse. He knew.

  3. I’m sure it’s just a chemical imbalance, T

  4. I had a gut feeling 10 years ago. He left his phone at home. I searched HARD (I don’t feel bad about it, married now and respect my husband too much to do it/care now) and I found a cache folder with small pixelated photos of men from a gay dating site. I found a guy in his Google hangouts. I hit him up pretending to be my bf, the guy started sweet talking. My macho bf was cheating on me with men (and women which I learned about later). He denied it up and down for so long. My intuition was right but I never could have expected what I actually learned lol.

  5. There are a lot of tourist traps. It’s basically what Orlando was built for. Go find local parks and enjoy the unique nature of Florida!

  6. My husband will watch this on YouTube at least once a month. I wish I knew the background on why they decided to slip that scene in for literally no reason.

  7. Could you plug me on this? I’ve watched the series 100x but am lost at what you’re all referring to lol

  8. Ralphie is over at Janice's house, which, all due respect is also your bosses mother's house. Janice is reading in bed while Ralph sits on the bed clipping his toenails. One of the nails flies off and hits Janice next to her eye. She gives Ralph a disgusted look. He, like the little shit he is, says, "What? Catch some shrapnel??" (or something like that).

  9. LOL yes okay, I follow you now. Thank you.

  10. And when OP leaves, much will have to be left behind, and nothing can be packed in boxes. This is the only way I’ve left the roaches behind all stemming from 1 apartment with roaches. Took about 6 trips in a small car and new furniture but boxes are basically roach hotels. Just FYI for OP

  11. I just did a couple of Google searches and it seems like your landlord should be taking care of this for the entire apartment. Florida statute 83.51 indicates a landlord is responsible for rat, mice, roaches and wood destroying pests.

  12. You can absolutely go to the local courthouse too and find out about putting your rent in escrow

  13. Honestly the best part of Fridays for me. I refrain from playing during the week because I will ignore my responsibilities and end up staying up sooo late and being awful at work the next day lol. But Fridays? I create my nest in bed and set my Hue lights and play Sims til I’m basically asleep at my laptop hehe

  14. I didn’t know who he was until the Unus Annus sub was recommended to me on Reddit. I never care about the recommended subs but for some reason I looked through it, and furthermore I was so bored that I looked on YouTube. It was only about a month into the year. I was hooked immediately, and I’ve been a fan ever since. Thanks Reddit!

  15. I can’t recommend them enough. They’ve helped my pets through some very hard economic times.

  16. My stepdaughter asked if she could call me mom when she was 7. So casual too lol middle of the day in the bathtub. Her mom is in her life too, we’ve just always had primary custody. Came out of nowhere and it’s a moment I’ll cherish forever. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a big thing. When it feels right, “Kendra, is it okay if I call you mom?” will be an honor no matter how you present it. Maybe just not in the bathtub 😂

  17. Yeah and in Trump fashion, it’ll be catered by McDonalds too

  18. I’ve gotten 3-4 letters in 2 years (same zip code as yours). It blows my mind that they take the time to hand write these, just for me to chuckle and throw them in the trash.

  19. I moved from Cleveland to St. Petersburg, FL. We are a very liberal city but just voted a Q-Anoner with no experience to the school board over a woman with a PHD, and also affirmed the republican seats. It makes no sense.

  20. Jesus fucking Christ dude I literally don’t understand how we let this happen?!?

  21. Giving Eric’s car to Meadow. I felt humiliated as a bystander. He could have afforded a brand new car for her, but he gave her Eric’s car in a totally fucked up and unnecessary power play.

  22. “Fuckin queers!” Is preluded every time I throw a chair

  23. Me everytime i a friend starts talking about a video game they are addicted to "Stupiduh faking game...."

  24. If you wanted to venture out to Sand Key, I know it’s not St Pete please don’t come for me lol, but Columbia is my all time favorite for special occasions.

  25. Lakewood was where I first learned anything about LGBTQ in real life as a kid in the 90s, this article is cute lol

  26. God I was just leaving a voicemail for a client and scrolled to the Nicacado picture and almost fucking lost it

  27. “Brb gotta roll a cigarette” this is pure comedy

  28. K2. I shared a bowl or 2 with friends before (this was about 2011) and it wasn’t a big deal. Fast forward to a blunt being rolled one day, guy said “only take 1-2 hits and see how you feel”. 19 year old me called him a pussy and smoked the whole thing since I could smoke a lot of weed. God, that was stupid. Crying, puking, insane paranoia, confusing hallucinations- all simultaneously for 3 hours. Those acquaintances never spoke to me again and I don’t blame them. Not only an unbelievably scary experience, but equally embarrassing as well.

  29. Caffeine so you can stay up late 🥲 this message is brought to you by the over 30 crowd

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