1. I paid over $8 per gallon in Lithuania back in 2009! Turns out Biden isn’t even in their government!

  2. Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, caramel color, caffeine, cocaine (sub fentanyl is fine), red #4. Mix.

  3. what are you gonna steal? books? just to prove a point? awfully bootlickerish of you.

  4. But then they actually read the books they stole in order to “own the libs.” Over time they start rethinking their old ideas and come to the conclusion that the world is much more nuanced than they once thought. The thief goes back to the store to make amends, replacing the stolen books and doing odd jobs around the shop as a form of restorative justice.

  5. We could also play "how long til this store gets robbed since everyone in town knows that no one will respond"

  6. It’s a book store? How much money could they possibly have to steal?

  7. So Amber gets cancelled but gets replaced with Blake Lively??? The same Blake Lively that glamorized meth use in Spring Breakers? The same Blake Lively that torpedoed the Vietnam War peace talks for political gain? The same Blake Lively that secretly bombed Laos and Cambodia with more explosives than what was dropped on all of Nazi Germany in WWII? The same Blake Lively that destabilized all of Southeast Asia and then actually supported the Khmer Rouge during their genocidal activities? Are you fucking serious?

  8. Everyone knows Kissinger was in Spring Breakers. Your joke fell down right there.

  9. It’s probably why I confuse the two. Also I think they’re the same height, so honest mistake.

  10. So, no God in pledge of allegiance then cause that contradicts Atheists’ beliefs, right?

  11. I’m a teacher and I don’t do the pledge of allegiance for religious reasons. Jesus seemed pretty clear that his followers shouldn’t swear oaths or have another master.

  12. But remember Portland and Seattle are warzones. /s

  13. And LA. I mean, I just found a great new (to me) Tiki Bar in NoHo and spent the day with my toddler at a couple public parks. Didn’t bring my house key because I haven’t locked the door in I have no idea. But homeless people are out and about so I guess I basically live in Mosul circa 2005?

  14. I generally respect the man, and would probably vote for him… but he’s lying if he says it’s not on his mind.

  15. Yeah, Californian here and he has done a good job keeping our positive momentum growing since the Davis and Wilson years, but yeah he’s straight up lying. The guy is a politician with a capital P, and I’m not saying that as a bad thing either, but if the opportunity looked good, he’d bail in half a second.

  16. Everyone I know that has been to Paris has told me that they hated it.

  17. I loved it! I went in 2019 with my wife and infant. Stayed in a tiny apartment in the Latin Quarter. Rode the subway and trains. Saw the sights and just really walked around eating baguettes. I do seem to remember there were a bunch of rats at this park right under where we were staying, but other than that, nothing. I’d love to go again.

  18. No, it’s a 60 year old rifle-propelled grenade. They have repurposed the otherwise useless munitions by attaching them to commercial drones. Since they can hover level with a push of a button, they can drop these extremely accurately.

  19. Well I may as well lose more karma points by pointing out the obvious. After working in the basement of the NSWC for 11 years this is a fake video. Targeting videos look Nothing like this. Why put this out?

  20. It’s real and there are many more out there. This is exactly what the footage off a mid-tier drone looks like.

  21. The way markets can be so easily manipulated by just a single tweet from someone with that kind of power is absurd. The whole system is a fragile house of cards made from glass...

  22. Really makes you think as you dig a ditch, or run spreadsheets, or handle terrible customers for 8 hours a day, doesn’t it?

  23. What a bitch. Reminds me of when the same was said about me from a mom to her high school kids. I was serving tables at a PF Chang’s and she was trying to make me sweat all meal long. I guess I looked exhausted when she decided to impart that wisdom on her kids.

  24. I tried to kill myself twice before I was ten. I’m about to turn 36. Things are about to get interesting

  25. After 3 tries, I’m surprised I’ve made it to 39 (well, in a month). I guess I should cut down on salt and fat for a year.

  26. I teach in a middle school and I’d guess most of them vape weed. Im 38 and boy does it make me feel old. Im sure a few of my peers at 12 or 13 did. But by high school it was still a minority.

  27. You can make one of those things happen, but not the other.

  28. Your wife doesn't want you to have a gun because she's worried you will shoot her?

  29. No. I’ve never been a violent person. Read it again, she’s worried I’d do something to myself.

  30. Last 4 words of the headline were unnecessary.

  31. It feels very weird to say I've enjoyed some post-Twilight Zone John Landis movies, because I feel very strongly that those movies never should have existed, because Landis never should have been allowed anywhere near a film set again.

  32. Same. Especially after I looked at the list yesterday. But careful not to fall into the “Edison trap”. These things never exist because of one person, they would have still been made of Landis got why he deserved.

  33. I haven’t listened to episode 2- does he disparage the Three Amigos???? I regularly sing My Little Buttercup to my husband. That’s my favorite scene in the movie 🤣

  34. He said there’s only like 20 minutes of good stuff.

  35. Look, I’m not saying people should burn down police stations. I’m saying that police should be held fucking accountable long before it gets to that. If legal means of change are not effective, don’t blame the oppressed when they look for more effective means.

  36. Hahah I've got a bunch of pals involved in AZ Derby Dames, so "cis male that is heavily involved in a female semipro sport" was a dead giveaway.

  37. You think that’s crazy? There is a high school in Alabama where the entire class of 300 is related, and on prom night every motel in 20 miles is booked solid.

  38. As a responsible firearm owner: yes, yes it does.

  39. Dude I hear ya. It’s like my state-legal weed. It’s in a locked bankers bag, on a high shelf. The key is on a different high shelf hidden in another room.

  40. 4 year olds man, they want to be just like you. My “nephew” always wants to know what I’m doing. I’ve made sure he’s never seen me smoke weed ever. I’ll be stoned around him, but just need to go out to the garage quick. I can’t leave a tin of chew around because I’m scared he might try it just because he’s seen me do that. His brothers old enough to understand that he doesn’t get to drink alcohol or chew tills he’s old enough to make his own decisions and it’s called college.

  41. So… I have gummies. My daughter has gummy vitamins. So when dad gets his gummy medicine right before her bedtime, she gets her gummy medicine.

  42. I remember seeing this on Dirty Jobs. This is how they neuter them.

  43. That was my first thought. Didn’t I see Mike Rowe doing this?

  44. Good thing, because I’m pretty sure I see a shark fin in that last pic.

  45. It’s an honorary doctorate. Doctorates are awarded to those that have advanced their field in novel ways. I would definitely say she qualifies.

  46. Yes. The RNC and DNC were hacked. Only the DNC emails were released.

  47. That’s so weird that they kept the RNC files secret. Especially since Russia clearly favors the Democrats and other America haters!

  48. I learned that ‘Infamous’ meant more than famous.

  49. Oh yeah. Also good gun safety as one should never fire a shot where invisible cowboys could be standing.

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