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  1. Was really disappointed when it was showed in the roadmap video and then cutted from the release. I'm waiting to play with custom starting decks since lab of legends.

  2. To be fair it makes sense that they removed it, it would just be impossible to balance and too easy to break the game or make a deck that consistently wins easily. The point of PoC is that you start with a weaker deck then slowly build it up with new cards and heroes, if you already have everything you need from the start there's no point.

  3. Bought Deep Rock Galactic on a whim for $10 just from word of mouth and damn that game is really fun. I haven't played a legit co-op game since Helldivers, and that was like 6 years ago!

  4. With how the class systems work, as you talked about engineers, drillers, gunners, scout etc etc

  5. Yes, but you can make do with any class. For example as a driller you can drill the wall upwards to create a slope and get to higher places.

  6. This thread blew my mind! I thought 10 minute breaks were standard everywhere. Staying on the same seats for 3 hours with no break sounds like a nightmare.

  7. I'm so tired of The Boys marketing being on the top of this sub every single day. Mods should remove these posts at this point, they're all the same...

  8. I am not able to play reelism 2 getting error

  9. Hmm, make sure you're using the most recent version of GZDoom

  10. I was thinking the same thing! Have the graphics actually.. gotten worse?

  11. Nah, racing games have always had better graphics because you don't focus on any world details while going fast. If OP stopped the grass textures and jpeg crowd would be a dead giveaway.

  12. Man, did anyone else hoped that the Crusader Kings 3 would fall below the 20% discount?

  13. It's so bizarre to me. The game is 2 years old and is actively getting new DLC, how is it only 20% off after all this time!?

  14. Any good old game that is dirty cheap? Found Dishonored at $2 and last winter sale got The Binding of Isaac for $0.49.

  15. Yakuza 0 is $5 and Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is $3. I just bought Yakuza but I can vouch for sleeping dogs, it's a great game.

  16. Introduce him with his best movie, Nausicaa.

  17. Introduce him with his best work, Nausicaa.

  18. Tbh I thought the manga started to fall off in the second half. First half was very good though.

  19. I like them both equally, but it definitely changes a lot as it progresses. The 2nd half focuses more on the war and the cataclysmic events that get set up in the 1st half, and it definitely takes some unexpected turns.

  20. I just wanna say it's always a delight to see what weird minigame Valve made every steam sale. The retro futuristic aesthetic is awesome.

  21. The results might be a little misleading because the questions are based on your favorite video game and ask about how you recently felt playing it. I haven't played my favorite game in about two years, maybe it would be better to ask your favorite game that you recently played or are currently playing

  22. Wind Waker was unnecessarily large and barren. Good game but the world feels like a demo

  23. Searching for all the triforce pieces will forever traumatize me

  24. Seriously I don't get this mentality of needing stupid cosmetics as a motivation to play a fun game.

  25. You'd be surprised how many people in the fall guys sub complained about how there's no reason to play the game anymore because you can't grind cosmetics and said they'll drop the game.

  26. Yep, same here. I'm guessing servers died.

  27. Injustice was absolutely wonderful the first 3 years, then it did a sharp decline and fell on its face the other 2. I still feel betrayed that they switched writers...

  28. Does this mean I don't need to use arc mutex to read the same var across multiple threads?

  29. I never understood why people care that a rich guy slapped another rich guy, when so many other celebrities have done so much worse. Nobody got harmed from this, and if I'm correct Chris didn't press charges so that should've been the end of it.

  30. Because it happened live on camera in a very popular event. Most celebrity controversies are just "popular person allegedly did bad thing" articles. Here we actually saw it happen.

  31. Why are you forced to even interact with it? It's just cosmetics, play the game whenever you like, you're not missing out on much

  32. And it will be useless because nobody enables easy anti cheat support for Linux, sadly.

  33. There are plenty of people that enabled EAC for linux :P

  34. Huh interesting that there's a difference. I'd always assumed these things just run Chromium or Blink or whatever in kiosk mode.

  35. Yeah the site has been getting hugged to death today. Refresh a few times and it should work.

  36. klaus had a similar cel shaded artstyle like spiderverse, it feels weird to pit them against eachother

  37. You know it's F2P, right? Outrageous MTX are guaranteed.

  38. You realize competitive f2p games only have microtransactions on cosmetics, right?

  39. You realize cosmetics are still content, right?

  40. Of course there are expensive cosmetics in every f2p game but it's hardly an outrageous form of MTX. As long as it doesn't affect my playing experience it's alright, it's their main form of profit and not even comparable to p2w trash. Season passes are a good way to monetize a game without ruining it.

  41. If you were ever in doubt that most of

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