1. Jae’s EP "laughing in insomnia" is dropping Friday 12am local time!! Finally 😭

  2. Congrats to Jae 🥳 Glad he's finally releasing one, it's been a long wait!

  3. Not to sound like a charts obsessed stan lol but I'm pretty curious about how well the upcoming Day6 comeback would do chart wise. They've gained a lot of casual fans through TOOL's chart reversal (and ywb to some extent) so would this make a difference in their songs charting or would they go through the post military effect like other boygroups?

  4. On the topic of YouTube ads, the only song they did run ads for was for Shoot Me and it became one of their most popular songs 😂

  5. Lowkey find it crazy how with such poor promotions they still manage to be huge. Like I'm not saying they are super huge but compared to other bands they are doing pretty good. Like out of all the 3rd/4th Gen idol bands they are probably the biggest (followed by N Flying and The Rose maybe?). Songs wise they have quite a number of hits (N Flying Rooftop is huge in SK though) compared to others.

  6. Exactly, it's pretty impressive that Day6 has managed to get to this level of popularity by the quality of their music alone!

  7. Is it just me or the members are pretty quiet these days (apart from the occasional IG/YT lives)? I know they just came back from their vacation but still....

  8. Honestly, as long as we don't have months of radio silence I'll take what I can get!

  9. Yep! I guess I am used to seeing other JYP groups release a lot of content even when there's no schedules lol

  10. omggg...DANCE DANCE....Congrats...ONE...What Can I Do...Wanna Go Back

  11. All the funky upbeat bangers 🙌 I wish they would perform more of these songs too!

  12. Oof this is such a tough question cause they have so many good songs 😭😭😭😭 I'm biased and I'll say Talking To cause they barely have any lives of that song

  13. It would be better if he wrote a memoir like Jenette McCurdy's I'm Glad My Mom Died instead. Very few idols have been openly honest about their experience in the kpop industry and it would be more interesting to read than a fiction book tbh. And not to mention the endless nitpicking and vitriol that would be sent his way by kpop fans if he goes the fictional route.

  14. Please use only English in the title (to make it easier to read), not Korean!

  15. Are there any other non-Korean covers that aren’t pop/r&b? Maybe I just haven’t seen them but this is refreshing

  16. its been more than 6 months!!??? I bet the next upload will be another selfie XD

  17. 🙏 Praying for Wonpil's return to IG 🙏

  18. There's no official news or anything about their comeback activites so we have no idea what they're planning.

  19. Yess same 🙌 can't believe all the members will be reunited by this end of this year, it's crazy how fast time flies.

  20. Wonder if Jooyeon would ever go back to his short hair days 🤔

  21. The full cover will be released on 27th Jan.

  22. Between Day 6 and these guys it's time JYP admits rock bands just aren't their thing. It's a shame cause that one guy's voice is incredible

  23. thank you! that is a bit misleading, maybe they meant comeback from military of all members. The replies and qrts are all so excited and I don't wanna be the party pooper by questioning it 😅. Also not sure if that ID has released legit future news before.

  24. That's what I had understood from their tweet too! We'll probably get an OT4 YouTube live after Wonpil's discharge and that's honestly the only group activity I'm expecting this year 😂

  25. Context: he visited some of the birthday cafe events K-MyDays had organised! It's sweet of him to do this 🥹

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