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  1. It makes me sad for the human race that they are successful.

  2. Boomers talk about influencers like they don't get the same amount of money TV dumbass people get. It's entertainment, we get it, you are jealous

  3. I love my family but I don't know what to do about it and I will be socializing for the first time in a while anyway the wind is a good time to come over and watch the kids.

  4. Of course not. Occasionally I'd be overwhelmed with guilt and abstain for a couple of weeks. But then that slutty Rosie Palmer would seduce me all over again.

  5. Chris Brown, the fact that Amber Heard got death threats over being abusive and Chris Brown still has a career after beating up his partner, the fucking double standards.

  6. Dammit sister, that last line. We have friends and they become part of our lives, we love and trust them, but they are different persons than us, and humans are a fickle bunch. We subject to all kinds of influenced, both internal and external. Sure a friend, or someone we supposed was a friend, turning on us and ghosting like that leaves one feeling shitty, but suïcide? I hope the experience taught you to hold on to yourself more tightly. I don't know you, but I 'm glad you are still with us.

  7. There was definitely other reasons behind it, one being I got out of a cult, my plan was to move in with my best friend, so her cutting me off could've lead me to ending it. I made an entire different plan because of what the tarot reading showed, perhaps I'm making this reading a bigger deal than it was, but for me, it was life changing

  8. Having to heal generational trauma, specially if you are not white, there's so many cultural harmful traditions that pass down and end up harming you, and if not you, they harmed the family around you, so now there's a whole generation trying to tell you what to do, but in reality, they are just tall kids that never learned how to handle their emotions

  9. Damn, I went through your comments for curiosity, you are obsessed with women aren't you?

  10. What happens if I’m active in a church to continue to push it to be more pro choice, more feminist, to ensure it protects children and vulnerable adults, to be more welcoming of queer folk, to be more outspoken about climate change?

  11. Think about it in other scenario, are you complicit of racism if you are part of a racist group but talk to them about how racism is bad? Well yes, you are, because you are forming part of a big organization that harms people instead of trying to push it down.

  12. This kind of “bad energy” talk and focus on manifesting as a solution to everything is deeply problematic to those of us with medical or mental issues. This caused an intense period of shame and guilt for me when I found it impossible to manifest my vision back after going blind as a teen, then when depression kicked in it was yet another sign of my badness, my negative energy. I blamed myself for becoming disabled, which made accepting and learning to live with it harder for years. This mentality was almost the end of me at one point so I agree with labeling it toxic positivity.

  13. I relate to you a lot, we obviously didn't go through the same, but it really is a feeling of shame and guilt, like self sabotage but you can't actually do anything to help it because it's not dependant on you.

  14. People are unsettled when confronted with unfair, unfixable problems like disability or mental illness. Some find it comforting to think that those problems are only for “bad” people, because they view themselves as good thus are immune to problems so long as they hold to this mindset. It also shields them from needing to feel sorry for or be considerate of anyone less privileged than them. It’s a very convenient ideaology for jerks.

  15. Hey girl! I'm sorry you went through this. If I'm honest, yes it's a shitty and horrible thing to do from his side, but I'd say it's not sa, but overstepping boundaries. Men aren't the best people, we know that, and they are selfish, lack self control, which sucks, cause it's not a nature thing, but the fact that they aren't ever required in society to have self control.

  16. I’m sorry but I think that’s a horrible way to group men together.

  17. It maybe is, but it's the reality, doesn't mean there's no good men, but that's what they are as a group and those are the actions/attitudes they have towards each other and women

  18. That was definitely his concern! I just don’t get it though since we have been together for two years. I thought we should be past small insecurities like that by now.

  19. I don't mean to be rude, but your post and this comment both sound very self centered and not empathetic. He's telling you he felt insecure, you clearly can tell he tries to be as "manly" as possible yet instead of supporting and understanding you are coming to the conclusion of "What else could he be hiding" and calling it

  20. We have been dating for two years and have been living together for over a year… I tell him everything. I guess I feel like we should be at a stage in our relationship where we are not insecure with each other anymore.

  21. That's valid, I'm just pointing out how you didn't approach it from "How can I help him" but from "Should I not trust him"

  22. I'm studying software developing, I want to know where to start. I know how to code, but there's all these terms in the requirements for jobs, HTML, SSL, know all the languages, have experience, where do I begin, damn

  23. See this point I am most of the time perplexed. Girls' loneliness is far different than boys'. In girls life, there are happening things but still feel lonely due to shallow relations (just facial relation). Meanwhile, boys don't even have that. if they are lonely, it means they just have 2 friends who they vibe with or sometimes not even that and nothing else.

  24. I don't think you can know that based on some posts from reddit dude, plus, it's not a "who's more lonely" competition thing

  25. I'd discuss it, but I don't think there's anything to discuss, you left a cult!

  26. Thats a false comparison, like a prime example of one. Like, I can just say you're talking about orange juice and that would be as connected as you said. I don't even know if I should rebuttal as you're just going to put word in my response that weren't even there, like planting a seed where there's no soil.

  27. I was asking questions though, ramble all you want, you didn't answer my comment.

  28. *empathize with people who agree with them

  29. Because we have now a lot of men that find it hard to hear women speak up and act like regular people, or present signs of natural things like body hair, talk about their interest in sex, etc. Not only that, but child-like standards perpetuates child abuse, girls are sexualized since they are little because the standard for women and girls is the same "Be nice, smile, don't show skin, etc".

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