1. I have to say I’m pretty sick of socialists shaming socialists for voting blue. It’s literally just common sense. I mean hell today was just a primary, but apparently we can’t even vote for primaries now. Like okay, but when the Supreme Court overturns gay marriage next when 7/9 judges are conservative, or fascists take over congress and pass fascist shit, don’t tell me that your vote doesn’t matter.

  2. It’s people who don’t really have anything to lose and treat leftism mainly as an aesthetic. The fact of the matter is that if you aren’t willing to occasionally and provisionally support the lesser of two evils then you simply don’t care about the people who are hurt most by fascism. We’re at a point now where the alternative isn’t fascism in a hyperbolic sense of the word but honest to god fascism, and if you’d rather see fascists take power than liberals when those are the immediate alternatives available to you then you don’t give a damn about society’s most vulnerable members.

  3. Right on. I don’t want to act like I believe every democrat is great and all, some are, some are dogshit, some are okay, but to just act like voting doesn’t affect society is …harmful. I’m not that big of a fan of Tim Walz. He’s done some good stuff and some bad, but I’m definitely voting for him because if the republicans win the gubernatorial and state legislatures, abortion is going to be banned. Police are going to be even more unhinged. The rich will be even richer.

  4. In 2016 I’d agree. But Bernie losing in 2020 broke Kyle’s brain. He was so damn arrogant after Bernie won Nevada. Then it all crashed down and his coverage suffered. Then he bragged about not voting to Rogan on Election Day. Now he’s already endorsed Marianne Williamson for 2024. Kyle declined like crazy after 2020 primaries.

  5. I agree lol, I stopped watching him almost all together after 2020. I remember when he got surprised after Bernie didn’t want Kyle to interview him along with Krystal after he called Bernie a cuck like 50 times

  6. They're so called Inflation Reduction is nothing but a handout and only exists so that when inflation later corrects itself the Dems can say they did something

  7. I hate it for not being enough, but it would invest hundreds of billions in green energy. Hopefully we can pass something better in a couple years

  8. I swear I saw that they introduced money for oil drilling

  9. They granted back some canceled leases for drilling. It sucks, but for every ton of carbon emissions, 24 will be stopped, so that’s a huge net positive

  10. The democrats have not done anything different or helped the masses anymore than republicans. Yes, they are polite and don’t outright discrimate against minorities. However, democrats are still apart of the larger problem called capitalism. They favor the few and spite the many and as long as people continue to vote for them in the name of damage control, nothing will ever change.

  11. Accelerationism doesn’t work, people just suffer because of it. Look at the Supreme Court, because trump won, he got to appoint 3 nominees, who have taken away roe v Wade, and limited the epa.

  12. I don’t have a problem with voting and trying to make peoples lives better, but democrats aren’t doing that. Vote for someone who is openly running as a socialist. Not just for “progressive” democrats that are still in the pockets of lobbyists and have not and will not help the masses.

  13. Yea I always want the progressive or socialist to win the primary, but when it comes to democrats vs republicans, the republicans are actively trying to take away rights, while the democrats do have a chance to put some change in, even if it’s not enough.

  14. Favorite ones are Drain you, Lounge Act. Also like how he didn’t even try to do endless, nameless lol

  15. This might be a goofy take but it reminds me of Oasis.

  16. Why is everyone going on the offensive against Fetterman it feels today? This is the second or third post I have seen. He has flip flopped on issues before like fracking unfortunately, but single payer is for the moment not one of them.

  17. Purity leftists sometimes hurt my brain. It’s pretty obvious to me that Fetterman supports m4a, but he’s also playing it safe right now

  18. I think he’d vote for it if it came down to it, which is what Mandela said, but would also vote for something like a public option

  19. To be clear, Public Option isn't bad legislation. It's just not as good as M4A because it doesn't get us immediately to Universal Healthcare, but it would definitely be a welcome improvement to the existing system.

  20. I agree. My real gripe is with the politicians who say that Medicare for all would actively take away insurance and cost too much (Biden, Klobaucher, kind of Pete Buttigieg)

  21. The amendment will never get added lol.

  22. And they ignore him because they’re bought out by the fossil fuel industry. That’s literally the only reason, they don’t care that they’re destroying this planet.

  23. Damn, I remember people saying that Bernie was crazy for saying that climate changes was the most important thing on his mind. Literally even democrats were saying “how could he say that”

  24. The thing that really changed my mind on violence in politics is climate change. It’s the literal planet

  25. I remember when AOC, Ilhan Omar and the other congresspeople were getting a lot of flak for their criticisms of the US. My parents were some of the people saying they should go fix their home countries instead of tear this one down.

  26. Ilhan Omar almost got crucified when she called Obama a murderer with a pretty face, now she has to tow the line a little bit more

  27. I was watching this video where it was like bitch vig and his experience on recording Nevermind. In that he stated his usual recordings he tries to do and get done with in only a few weeks but with Nirvana he was able to for the first time out in input on the bands songs and recordings. He also said that he could have finished way earlier because they had already been practicing their songs everyday for several months. It was a really cool video to watch and it showed the original scratch recordings of nirvana playing before their massive debut album came out.

  28. Butch also said that Kurt loved Nevermind when it was finished, and only started acting nonchalant about it later because it wouldn’t be cool to be enthusiastic about it

  29. Still. I am an actual Kentuckian, and I am seeing absolutely zero pro-booker sentiment in my area, and seeing a decent amount of pro-Paul sentiment. I would basically bet all my money that Booker looses.

  30. If you can just try to convince one or two friends to go out to vote for Booker, that would be huge. Even if we don’t win, we can still grow a movement that eventually will.

  31. Yeah, I'm not doing that anymore. Voting against someone. I'm only voting for candidates a completely identify with and believe in.

  32. A million detained, thousands of kids separated from parents and sent to boarding schools

  33. Do you have any evidence? I don't mean people claiming something happened and then that getting published by an outlet. Something independently verifiable like even a single photo.

  34. https://www.nchrd.org/2018/07/criminal-arrests-in-xinjiang-account-for-21-of-chinas-total-in-2017/

  35. Bro gets downvoted for saying “Fuck communism” 💀 What even is Reddit

  36. https://www.cambridgema.gov/-/media/Files/officeofthemayor/2019/whypeopleofcolorneedspaceswithoutwhitepeople1.pdf

  37. I’m at left as they come (literally a socialist), and I can tell you that this is a fringe idea espoused by perhaps a couple people who are blown up by right wing sources for clout “see how crazy the left is?“ I’ve never talked to or met any other leftist who believed in that

  38. Not sure what happened to your comment, I can see part of it on your profile but can't expand it here.

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