1. I mean, Zeus's in Little Italy has Italian beef and a half Grecian chicken plate on their menu. Other than some plating it didn't seem too off brand to me

  2. Worst environment imaginable. Basically, the worst parts of the Bible. Gnashing of teeth. Dogs and cats living together. In essence, the end times.

  3. I have them all complete except that I have to beat the team rocket boss and I can’t seem to beat him ever

  4. I got lucky defeating him recently, it fulfilled two of the challenges. Ice, dragons, and a hail Mary

  5. I seem to remember going in an “Osco Drug” years back. Assuming that’s the same thing?

  6. I’ll post an update later but we’ll be at the racks by 6:00 both days.

  7. How do you log in multiple trips? I've just been adding my trip miles together

  8. Burniston 😂 “I told ye, we’ve got nae rolls!!”

  9. When Hank is trying to put ice trays in the freezer and has his hands full, the phone rings. He says to Luanne "I could use some help" and her response is "next, you put the trays in the freezer!"

  10. They are, but then theres also the synthetic ones made out of plastic or whatever that you put in the washer. Both called loofahs

  11. From the people I've talked to, Violent Femmes didn't make it across the Atlantic. Truly American Music.

  12. I went slow as shit today. Be safe everyone! And remember, taking the CTA doesn’t make you a quitter.

  13. Also Red Kap pants are the most comfortable, longest lasting pants for riding. They're lighter than Dickies and will last 10 years of 50+ mile days. And they dry quick when you get caught in the rain.

  14. Just the basic work pants? I still have several pairs (cutoffs) from when I was a pretend messenger, literally 15 years old. One of the even survived a collision with a car.

  15. I didn't know they made jeans, I thought they just made Dickie style work pants. I looked them up yesterday lol

  16. Hey miss! Can I get a beer and then a couple of beers? HEY MISS!

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