1. Did any of y’all happen to catch the IG live with Roberta/Lupe and Priscilla/Esti? My heart 🥹💖

  2. Your comment comes off as pretty TERF-y so I’m just gonna leave it alone. I try to get proper pronouns for everybody but my post was only about Roberta.

  3. You’re exerting too much, making your bed is a huge undertaking and especially for someone with severe ME, which yours sounds like

  4. The “Jess is ugly” one is just factually incorrect. Like just look at him

  5. He told Lorelai he didn’t do it out of love but loyalty and family pride. It was incredibly cruel to Lorelai.

  6. This makes me feel old because when I was a kid people would ask the adults who had been alive during OG Woodstock if they had gone there and were disappointed that they didn't, lol. Just because we were alive didn't mean that we could have gone.

  7. My friends parents tried to hitchhike to Woodstock but they were so high they turned up 2 weeks late

  8. In the same sort of romcom type genre? Greek, lovesick, marvelous mrs maisel, gossip girl

  9. To clarify, I'm looking for ideas for alternate activities that I might enjoy and would have similar mental health benefits.

  10. I think we have the same disease not sure but hammocking outside is super nice, if you get an eno you can take it around to different parks and stuff. Bring a book or a journal or coloring (just some small activity) and it’s super nice. They also make ones that fit two people

  11. I’m 19 so maybe it’s because he’s closest to my age, but Smith. His face shape was a little too severe to my taste, but he reminds me of Kurt Cobain, who is my biggest celebrity crush, and River Phoenix. Plus he was so nice, and I thought their overall relationship was really sweet.

  12. I really loved the short guy who wore clothes meant for children without an ounce of insecurity. His confidence was SO attractive to me, and the way he made her laugh was something else. What a dream.

  13. This is who I was gonna say! I dated a guy in high school who was 5’4” but his confidence was off the charts

  14. It helped me but I wish I would have never started in the first place, it’s impossible to come off of

  15. Check out the Bateman Horne center resources, they have stuff just for this

  16. Forgot those ones. Never been a huge fan of Swift but those two albums are incredible.

  17. They really are incredible albums, folklore deserved the AOTY Grammy it got. Not to mention bon iver is on the album

  18. Damn man, Timmy showed his first sign of restraint in his life when it came to Becky. Damn, she is a beautiful lady.

  19. What kind of comment is this? Tim was an adult who slept with Becky’s mom. It shouldn’t have even been a question in his mind. We let him off way too easily in so many scenarios. I love his arc, one of my favorite in tv history but people can be so sexist against the girls on the show when the guys are often doing stuff that’s really messed up

  20. I mean she’s neglected by her mom and she’s a teenage girl with no one who cares about her. This seems so sexist, no one makes those complaints about how needy some of the male characters can be, like Tim himself. I mean he desperately stalked Lyla in her house??

  21. Harry styles, Ben rector, kodaline’s old stuff, the lumineers, phoebe bridgers

  22. ive never noticed other oversized props, i wonder what i missed😭

  23. Don’t let their scare tactics get to you. You’re sick. Things are different when you’re sick. Don’t put a potential disease above a real and current one you already have. It’s contraindicated in our disease, look at what happens when you don’t pace

  24. This. Very severe ME (which is what I know trying to exercise at this stage will do to me) poses more of a danger to me right now than potential long-term effects of inactivitiy. Being sedentary isn't what our bodies are designed to do, but when faced with an illness like this (at least with the severity that I have it), it's the least of my worries and it's what I have to do to prevent disease progression.

  25. Exactly. I’m very severe and you do NOT want this. I try to make sure nobody makes the mistakes I did

  26. I’m in OP’s shoes and honestly these comments aren’t helpful (at least in my eyes) and can lead to serious issues with false hope or feeling dismissed

  27. Check out the intermural study with avindra nath. Also a good chunck of long Covid patients are developing cfs/me. So the population on this disease is growing. Not great for economy

  28. I have endo as well but endo doesn’t come with PEM, so you unfortunately probably have both if you’re still getting PEM including flu symptoms etc

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