New members please read! Here’s stuff I wish I’d known when I first got sick/before I was diagnosed

I'm in this with you.

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  1. This happened to me while I didn’t know about pacing in college but I’d be hospitalized almost every single break because of how sick I’d get the second I could rest. It was bad the whole time but I just didn’t see it clearly

  2. Changing pillow cases every other day is huge for me. Cannabis. String lights. Music in nice headphones.

  3. I’ve made online friends that I’m incredibly close with! I’m very severe and I live with my mom but truthfully she usually brings in my food and I can’t say much if anything to her, my social life is completely online

  4. Where do you find online friends? I’m thinking I’d like to talk on discord, but I can’t game anymore.

  5. Join online communities like discords for things you enjoy like tv shows or musicians you’re a fan of, so you guys have stuff to talk about. Online spaces are a lot like offline ones in the sense that just gathering in the same place all the time you’ll start to meet people!

  6. I mean she sounds kind of awful for not even asking if she can help YOU when you declined so much stuff for being too sick

  7. for me i honestly don’t think there have been any positives, any positives could’ve easily happened without me stuck in my bed for 6 years. Sometimes things are just bad and that’s really okay. Trying to derive meaning from my suffering just made my mental health so much worse

  8. My best friend with ME loves her mirena IUD! I also have ME but I’ve only tried different pills and the ring for it, and of those I settled on the mini pill for the benefits for me

  9. sorry this is a bit off topic but Dianna related, i’ve read people saying Dianna came out as queer many years after her alleged relationship with Taylor, is this true? i can’t seem to find anything to substantiate that claim

  10. Is it still happening? I only saw the first meme on the other me sub. Please send me the link if any are still up

  11. Personally I’m extremely anti rigid sleep schedule, it wrecked me and made me so much more sick

  12. Her design choices were thoughtful but she had a serious ulterior motive and a need to control rory. I know people like them and they absolutely don’t have pure intentions

  13. Your presence is very important in our community! I don’t want to try and change your mind bc it’s your life but I just wanted to thank you for being an active member in our community. I’m queer and my brother is trans and I just want to say I’m so sorry you were treated that way. Your transness should be celebrated!

  14. I hate it sooooo much. But I also hate that Lorelai was taught so much of the good/bad girl dichotomy that she’ll always deep down see herself as someone who should be blamed for her pregnancy

  15. I take it as folklore and evermore were about one muse, the same as midnights mainly, and that she’s saying she doesn’t need to hide behind “fiction” anymore

  16. There’s a chart on the sub, but it’s supposed to be a very non linear story. You’re not supposed to be able to follow the time well, just the themes and how they come out at different times

  17. What was useful about accessing the experts before? I don't mean that to sound confrontational, i just thought there wasn't much they did beyond explaining PEM better or supervising patients who want to try off-label drugs

  18. I’m very severe and degenerative and my specialist has saved me from the brink of death, literally. She’s the only one who would take responsibility for overseeing my SCIG that made my decline completely slowed

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