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  1. Props for bringing it to everyone’s attention rather than exploiting it. Good work!

  2. These announcers are so biased. Like holy fuck.

  3. It’s because I turned my hat inside out just before. Hat magic.

  4. We can’t lose because birds aren’t even real.

  5. Also currently in school, I’d really suggest continuing studying after class as much as possible. When it comes time to get your 608 I really recommend some of those 608 test prep apps. I think I paid like $7 and my lowest score was an 88 on the type 3. Other than that definitely try to grab somewhat decent tools when possible, I know some guys that bought “learner tools” which seems like a waste when you could have just got something better the first time that lasts longer.

  6. The Nooch will deliver us to the promised land

  7. It’s only $20 a minute, typical superhero lawyer sex line rate. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

  8. Well this is just based on my laptop specs which are like a 9th gen core i7 and RTX 2060 but outside some stuttering during the animated cutscenes it was basically a smooth 60fps the entire time with settings set to high

  9. That’s awesome actually, thanks for the info. Think I might spring for it today.

  10. I believe it's on sale right now as part of the Steam Summer Sale so yeah definite recommend

  11. Currently installing, so stoked to play it again for the first time in a decade. Thanks for the sale tip!

  12. I got in and got a “maintenance pending” pop up.

  13. I'm having the same problem with the blank screen, but it also gave me a notice that said "Another device is logged in using this nintendo account" so I was kinda worried I got hacked or something, anyone else have this happen?

  14. Same happened with me, glad to see I’m not alone.

  15. They’re on the Nintendo online app (on the switch itself) under rewards I believe it is.

  16. Finally someone addressed this. Really upset with how the rebels handled Dak, with what we know about force healing these days there’s really no excuse.

  17. For real, the Jones family just doesn’t realize that more pants sand = more Super Bowls. It’s simple sand science.

  18. Is anyone still even watching the games? I honestly think the only full game I've watched since February was G's 1000th

  19. Watched nearly every game minus a few for almost a decade. This season broke me, watched early this season, G’s 1000th, then nearly nothing. I’ve resorted to Formula 1 and the Sixers lately.

  20. I kind of feel for the young ground troops that got wrapped up in this but these pilots know exactly what they were doing. No remorse for them.

  21. 100% agreed. I was more referencing that platoon that surrendered immediately when they realized that they were lied to by their superiors. I respect that but sadly that mentality doesn’t seem to be very popular among all the Russian military.

  22. Like who?? I’m from folcroft and it’s a prominently minority neighborhood

  23. I know a dude who lives a little way down school lane that told me there was “a robbery down the street a few days ago, of course they were black”. That’s when I knew it wasn’t worth getting to know him.

  24. What a goddamn moron, I know people get involved but come the fuck on it’s literally just entertainment that has no bearing on your life. I’ve got an acquaintance that does the same thing with Xbox controllers, like fucking why?

  25. I hear ya, I actually came here looking for abuse, just to feel anything.

  26. They have them on AliExpress, but that’s always a crapshoot as far as quality is concerned.

  27. After this many beers, these numbers hurt my brain. But they looks good. Go Coeboys

  28. My sentiments exactly. Beer and Cowboys good. More touchdowns good too.

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