1. whats the quality looking like? are they like your average deskpad or are these higher quality?than

  2. crazy too because its not even THAT good of a system in terms of specs. Couldn't get past the lag in the newest pokemon game so I just stopped playing it

  3. overprime felt like a knockoff of paragon instead of feeling like an actually good game

  4. do you decide to keep the board? I am thinking about selling it at cost since I lost interest in it? How do you find the o-ring mount style?

  5. What do you think about the Flash Grey finish?

  6. where do people buy kilmats but not in like batches of like 20 lmao been wanting to buy some

  7. Of course I like Junji Ito, but I would rather not have any animated series if it is going to be mid

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