1. Ah that makes sense, Support explained it as an "upgrade" which is what the 2nd charge is for. What I still don't get is where my regular bag is, according to my account I'm not getting one for Jan or Feb (I sent Support a screenshot of that as well).

  2. So that means you’ve already paid for your March bag. If you email and tell them that’s not what you want they will refund the base price, but you’ll have to pay later if you want the March bag 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Before everyone starts spewing hate… please try to remember that this is definitely a child.

  4. Yeah, maybe it’s partly because I’m not in my early 20’s, and I know there are still a lot of edge lords out there, but saying stuff that was inappropriate or over the top on purpose was very in vogue for kids when I was growing up. Of course it’s not funny, but yeah I don’t think he’s really advocating for anything here. And I don’t agree with all this stuff about how it’s defending a predator to not want this kid in jail… like he’s being really gross and it’s not funny but it’s a made up scenario.

  5. The reason you can’t get him to understand your side of things is because it is not his goal for you to be happy or have a harmonious relationship with you. You will never be able to win an argument with someone like this. He knows you care about fairness and honesty, and that you care about him, he will exploit that as long as he can.

  6. I started a new account. (I too am paused) I thought I might have to eat it and get a Jan bag but it just immediately said I’d get my first bag in Feb, then I upgraded right off to X. So if you go this route I would snag a screen shot of the upgrade page, where it says it will replace your bag because I got charged for both. I emailed them and they refunded me for the base bag and I didn’t have a pic but better safe than sorry. I’m just going to close this account after I choose for X so I didn’t want an “it will go towards march!” credit.

  7. Ordered the Fenty Skin add on with my Jan GB. When I opened the mailer, I noticed the outside of this bottle was greasy and had fingerprints on it. Unscrewed it to find this caked on mess and product missing from bottle.

  8. Mmm, I probably wouldn’t. You should definitely get a replacement- that is reasonable. If an employee had to get their fingers all greasy to handle it then they obviously shouldn’t have put it in your bag. I’ve seen people get used stuff before though, like obviously swatched palettes. I just wouldn’t trust it, because who the hell knows?

  9. I agree with others, I would wait for shipping. But yeah, you can just skip forever if you want. It just has to be between 1-5 of the month.

  10. I just went to the glam bag plus tab and scrolled down. My account has different items though.

  11. I agree with you, but at the same time, she refuses to write something down even when it works. A relationship is a two way street. It has gone to extreme because of an unwillingness to try.

  12. No she is not his personal chef, however she does go on and on (and on) about her style and how good a cook she is.. She also says , if you want the same thing eat out because your not getting it here. She is in complete control of the situationand aleady refuses to considerany other way. No need to write down the ingredients. Thats just crazy talk (and by the way- in no way is that impeding on her creativity).

  13. It’s really impossible to say what will impede a persons creativity. Sometimes (if not often in my experience) a person can be really passionate about something and lose that when they start doing that thing for work or school. Charging the way you do or relate to something can absolutely change how you feel about it. I don’t know that it will in this case, but it definitely could, and it doesn’t really matter anyway in my opinion; this guy is not her kid, and this post doesn’t sound like it’s about him requesting she do one nice thing for him per year. He wants her to change the way she cooks fundamentally.

  14. This is an issue for me too, I can tell that it’s nerves because of when it happens. I don’t do it all the time, but I haven’t been able to eliminate it either. I can see so clearly on the page when I start to worry, my motion gets stiff and jerky. For me there are three things that help: practice - the more I don’t have to think about it the easier it flows, mediating - this lowers me heart rate and relaxes me, and smoking weed - I’m just in a different headspace, more intuitive I think.

  15. Freeloaders “non members” will get access on the last day.

  16. Okay, for starters once you are a member you have till the fifth of the month to skip or get charged for a credit. So here is what I would recommend: wait till the 6th of Jan (or whatever month) then use the intro rate to get whatever you want, you can get 2 for 24$ on leggings and then everything after that is 80% off. The savings is almost never that high as a “VIP” member, BUT you will occasionally get access to a warehouse sale, which are some of the best prices I’ve seen them have, it will be more picked over mind you, but still some great prices. So on the 6th of a month or thereabouts, order whatever you want at the intro rate, this will sign you up for the membership to automatically renew on the end of day on the 5th of every month. But you should ALWAYS skip, there is absolutely nothing they sell that doesn’t go for less than the cost of a credit even at the VIP rate. If you forget to skip and accidentally get saddled with a credit they do have free returns and you can always tack another order on to time credit to get free shipping on it.

  17. This certainly doesn’t make me want to shop their store.

  18. Yeah for real. I could handle credit for their 3 for 30 deal… I guess. But we got more than three items per box so it’s still not great.

  19. Because #1 no one asked for their opinion on other peoples makeup and #2 their comments sound a little creepy towards the girl in the photo

  20. They said the color was sexy, and that the persons lips looked perfect? What a monster.

  21. In that same vein, he has promised to send all social studies teachers to “patriotic education training.” The curriculum he has proposed for this is designed by an evangelical college somewhere up north.

  22. I would add that usually you don’t get the exact products pictured, they typically have 4-6 additional products and you get some variation of (I think) 7 of them. Plus a new member gift. Their model isn’t totally static, but it can be hard to tell what you’ll get exactly.

  23. Not putting anyone down… not mentioning other women at all…

  24. I can’t tell if it’s so obvious no one is bothering to talk about it, or… there is no ‘or.’ It seems incredibly obvious.

  25. I understand it’s probably hard not to worry when you live there, you don’t want to risk it being “serious” but to me this looks really clearly like a prank from a girl. The reason I say girl is partly the handwriting but MORE because it says it’s from a boy. It is just trying to be weird and ruffle feathers in my opinion.

  26. Does Ipsy write their dates month/day/year or day/month/year. I have points expiring on 10/04/2023 but October 4th seems far away so I was wondering if they actually expire on April 10th.

  27. They take a year to expire 🤷🏻‍♀️

  28. If you have pre-paid boxes, take a screen shot of what you have left. I dont know what is going to happen but its best to have proof.

  29. I've sent them an email, cross your fingers they make it right and send December's box. I know December's products aren't mind-blowing, but I was looking forward to trying the Kloraine and Static Nails, so I hope they send a replacement.

  30. They will. I mean if they argue with you keep at it, but they will.

  31. I think they are sending them in hopes that people will use for gift wrapping. Mine came with a big sheet of what appeared to be ipsy branded wrapping paper.

  32. That’s funny, at least one of the people in that collage I consider waaaay too positive to watch.

  33. Well I’m not sure, I’ve clicked on a couple videos and felt that my time was very waisted. But the top guy… not RLM, and not the guy on the left, lol.

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