1. Schizo regime will celebrate annexation of regions that they do not even fully control, and are losing more of them every hour.

  2. Piece of shit will declare the war and throw more men into the meat grinder to buy himself more time, then threaten us with nukes every 3 days.

  3. They're our local inbreds. Ignore them.

  4. If it's russian fault, we should declare war.

  5. Who cares what this old fuck thinks.

  6. Hey, that's a wonderful idea. Russia should totally arm Ukranian men and let those men infiltrate its ranks. What could go wrong?

  7. They're not that stupid, they won't arm them. They will use them to carry stuff, to remove explosive devices etc. If they'll try something, they'll shoot them.

  8. Yeah, well, that's their problem. We are already protecting 300 000 Ukrainians, and we won't risk their safety by allowing this bunch of ex-Z adorers in, so that they can harass them for being "Hohols".

  9. Russian bastards are doing what their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers were doing, just another generation continuing with the same methods. It's systematic, not accidental.

  10. Italy is a tiny country (in terms of aid to Ukraine compared to EU as a whole) that has supplied very little

  11. Sure, it helped only a little, but it can do a lot of harm.

  12. If there will be the next World War, it won't be because of tanks...

  13. Doubt. Russia is in no position to end the war in 2 months, and Ukraine won't just quit.

  14. And there are still people wondering why Ukrainians would rather die than to live in the Russian world...

  15. The people will eventually win. During the Vietnam War we had some horrible atrocities committed by the police and military on civillians.

  16. Good. Putin must know that there are people on the other side that are prepared to press the button, otherwise he may be tempted too much to do it himself.

  17. If you don't start and end your day saying "Death to Russia", you are no friend of ours.

  18. If we were like the Russians, we would invade Hungary.

  19. what happened to democracy and freedom in Europe? Have different opinion go to jail. Almost like in Russia now or 1939 in Germany.

  20. Russia should stop supplying Ukraine with weapons and vehicles, it prolongs the war. xD

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