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  1. Hey where did you find that last picture? Pretty sure it’s

  2. I just googled it lmao. Nice setup man!

  3. Guessing people aren't getting this joke, this is me. It's a VFC Avalon MP5

  4. Haha no worries. May re-upload and explain.

  5. Htf can an SKS receive 1k likes, meanwhile this is less than 200? Is there another subreddit for guys that have actual taste and money?

  6. I know there’s an only snobs FB haha. Thanks for the kind words though! 🤙🏽

  7. I need this exact setup for my TW bump and comtacs. Where'd you get it all from?

  8. nah got them all used except for the TW adapters.

  9. I’ve been trying to get that sling for some time! Can’t seem to get a response... :( anyway, awesome gear!

  10. Cool mp5. What chest rig is that? Guessing that you have to run inserts to hold the mags properly?

  11. It's the Spiritus Micro fight with Sub Gun inserts on top of a Spiritus Thing 2 expander.

  12. Oh i thought you meant like an actuall hpa tank in the stock, im not really into hpa but co2 capsulles seem to be a good solution. In a fixed stock

  13. yea it's the only way I got back into polarstar was sans line and tank.

  14. I’m so happy to know one of my photos is being used as a meme. 👌🏽👌🏽

  15. I’m in the Lehigh valley with some like minded individuals if you’re around my area.

  16. Great use of gels. Good to see other good airsoft photogs in the group.

  17. Yea totally. I think I’ll change it out for a red dot eventually.

  18. you should look into the thread adapter from bloomies too if the suppressor/rail gap at all bugs you. I picked one up recently and it was an easy swap.

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