1. I think I’m going to do nothing. And then, when I finish that, I will do it again.

  2. I’m so sorry that this had to be your wake up call. There is so much more out there for you. Believe in yourself, you have a lot to offer.

  3. Just say that you are not interested in sex/romance with her, but enjoy her company and would consider it a privilege to continue being her friend. No one wants to feel like a charity case.

  4. You don’t have to explain it like when you have an employment gap on your resume.

  5. What do you call a deer missing both eyes?

  6. Loud. Scary. Kind of a dick. Then he wasn’t around much because he got a girlfriend. Few years later, he left me and my mom and I didn’t talk to him for like 5 years.

  7. I personally think the well-meaning messaging to love our bodies is a burden. Sometimes it feels like yet another thing I'm doing wrong if I look in the mirror and don't feel radiant positivity. I feel much more content and comfortable in my skin to just accept my body with neutrality. I don't have to love it all the time, but just need to accept it without judgement.

  8. Wow, this totally spoke to me. I hate my body right now and I’m so sick of trying to like it for what it is.

  9. At 31, you still have plenty of time to make bad decisions. Personally, I would try joining a social club or exercise class first, if you haven’t done that already.

  10. Sounds like a productive kid day!

  11. They are torturing their private tutor as I sit and type this, drinking herbal tea in the waiting room living my best life!

  12. Waiting rooms - sans kids - are like a mini vacation

  13. My littlest finishes up first and it’s actually pretty nice to cuddle him there while waiting for my older one. All in all, I am a big fan.

  14. Same!!! I hardly ever buy products with those on there anymore, but when I do, definitely! And I used to be a bartender and would always, without fail, cut the rings. If it was too busy at the time, I would stash it away to do later once it slowed down a bit.

  15. I used to put these on a shelf in my pantry and do them all at once and at one point I heard my cat tearing through the house, knocking over furniture. He had one on his neck and was so scared. I felt really bad.

  16. There is a huge population of people who don’t use their childhood trauma as a free pass to hurt the people who love them.

  17. If I would be in her situation, I would care more about the fact that someone earned a couple of thousand dollars off me getting f*cked than I would care about actually being gang banged.

  18. Yeah, it sounds like she is accustomed to being fucked over, but I agree completely.

  19. Call a lawyer in the morning and get a separation agreement drawn up. You don’t want your finances tied to someone who has such poor judgment when it comes to money. Also, I’m sorry she lied to you, that’s a huge betrayal.

  20. Have you fully felt your joy yet, or are you still in a state of overwhelmed gratitude for your newfound freedom? I quit the hardest job of my life back in February and wow, it was such a relief.

  21. When I hand in my resignation letter officially I will be over the moon!

  22. Thanks for saying that. It feels so petty and selfish and judgemental, when I really don’t think anything’s wrong with how often he likes sex.

  23. There is nothing wrong with how often either of you want sex, but if I went to bed knowing my partner was horny and I wasn’t able to satisfy them for whatever reason, I’d be making it up to them in the morning when I’m less tired or having a conversation about it. “Listen, your sex drive is superhuman and I love that about you, but I am a mere mortal. Please enjoy a handjob or feel free to masturbate while I rub your back.” I’ve been on both sides of this dynamic and the only times it’s impacted the relationship was when an open dialogue wasn’t possible. Some people get all up in their ego about their libido and it makes it impossible to deal with.

  24. I love the solutions! I’d love us to be able to acknowledge any differences and then find fun ways to work with them. I had an ex that would let me grind on his thigh while he played video games and I had no complaints about him ‘not helping’ or ‘being distracted’. It turned me on, got me off, didn’t hurt his libido, and at the end of the night I’d have cum as much as I wanted, him as much as he wanted. That’s sort of the picture of ideal.

  25. As an online hypnotherapist I help people to let go of chronic pain almost daily.

  26. The only one that I have is to keep moving. Everything seems to be made worse by sitting down. I am considering buying a standing desk as well but haven't yet done so.

  27. If I ever make it big, I’m going to get one of those treadmill desks.

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