1. I have a 10 off 20$ coupon code you can have if you like. DM me! I'm not going to use it

  2. Thank you, ordered the 3 sweet shop pallets.

  3. Does anyone remember how many points that Kosas lip balm was I think it was last month

  4. I am thinking of canceling Premium too, canceled base last month.

  5. Hi, Can I know what shade is the brow definer ? Thank you.

  6. That was my variation and weight. I got the dewy setting spray, false lashes, brow definer, and loose highlighter in addition to the palette and hydrating oil!

  7. Can I know which shade of highlighter you received? Thank you.

  8. I received it today, the other products were an eye cream, a serum and earth harbor body stuff and lashes, the weight of my box is 2.1 lbs. thank you.

  9. I’m so unhappy to find out everyone hates the Caliente palette. Not only did I just order a box with it in Boxy Bonanza, it’s apparently coming back to base this month. So I might end up with two. I do like the color story but if the quality is poor, there’s no point. Kinda wishing I had ordered the box with Peak based on these reviews!

  10. Hi, I use the Matt’s Caliente palette all the time , the Matt’s are very good soft and pigmented, shimmers are just ok, not bad by any means, I am sure you will love it.

  11. Not the over priced Symbiosis stuff in IPSY too, Boxycharm had this a few months ago.

  12. No. they were never in the sale. Boxy has to activate the choice items for choice and sometimes they leech into popup and show up as sold out.

  13. Thank you, I wanted to get the other two shades that I did not choose, all the three colors were very pretty.

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