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  1. It's not a new thing for them. Used to distribute alcohol even to the kids.

  2. What I have heard till now is she became famous when she married Ajmal. his family lineage has Rajasthan connection, that's why he has 'khan' as surname. also Jumana took the surname of 'Khan' after the marriage. Now they are separated. Not just that she is one of the most paid influencer in Asia rn. may be more than most of the malayali celebrities. She still keeps the surnames name even after the separation. Ajmal hails from upper middle class family.

  3. Our company had contract in Expo2020 site. One of their requirements was to have AC equipped bus for the laborers. We had to buy 2 bus for that. Also, Expo2020 team audited the labor camps and asked to renovate the washrooms. Massive respect for them.

  4. They used to have. Changed the Touchpoints policy for debit cards 2 days ago.

  5. People who take a lot of your time and then reply with ‘pls’ and ‘tks’.

  6. Wow! Never thought I would see a Watchmen spinoff in Malayalam.

  7. That the politicians really don't know what they are doing and they don't care about the welfare of the people.

  8. I would be livid and so hurt for my kid if I were you but thankfully he’s too young to understand or remember. I think you can work on a game plan for the future:

  9. Out of loop here, can anyone please tell me what's happening?

  10. More metro stations, more trains, more infra development, more high speed internet. We need to move forward and not stagnate.

  11. How about better roads, better rural transportation means? Why don't we improve basic infrastructure?

  12. Because most people move to cities to find work. If the cities don’t have good public transport people can’t get to work. If there are no good option for mass transportation it won’t be cheap and affordable. If infrastructure is being built even rural communities get benefits. The current era requires high speed internet. Internet at this point is not a luxury but should be a human right.

  13. Agreed. But the what's the point of having the benefits isolated only for a particular area. Why we can't think big and develop the roads first? The road system in the cities is still a mess. I believe we should start look at the basics. What's the point of having high speed transportation between the cities and the roads in the rural area are still underdeveloped?

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