1. This synthesis of your thought process is brilliant. Kudos for that and for the beautiful work you do, you're certainly a joyful inspiration for the children you work with!

  2. I always relate so strongly to your moodboards! I love the elongated draping!

  3. Thanks, same for me, I relate a lot with your boards! I think my pictures always end up looking very similar, but I wouldn't mind wearing these elongated drapings forever 😁

  4. Thinking about the keyword, comes to mind the twisting movement of fabrics around the body, which is a feature of several items I've been bringing in the challenges, so this was easy 😁 I also brought things like capes, which add to the idea of coverage. It is not my main word, but it's definitely part of my aesthetic.

  5. That's such good advice, because the most important thing is to identify the aesthetic patterns that work for you. Actual purchase recs are utopic for me, because international shipping and currency conversion make everything unaffordable, but I try to draw inspiration from some elements, and try to make it work with what is available for me! Not always creativity trumps purchasing power, but it helps.

  6. Another great video! I love the examples, it really helps to understand the profiles of these women, and how you can translate their intentions into their visual. I resonate a bit with this quadrant, but I'm still convinced it's not the ideal fit. I can't wait to see the L+U video next, especially how to use the earthy aspect to make a look go up!

  7. Are you me? 😁 I'm also an INTJ and Lady Heretic, and my reasoning about their correlation is pretty much the same as yours. I'll just add that my journey in style has much to do with the Te function, as you said... my goal is mainly to set up a system that produces efficient results (i.e., logic, coherent choices), I'd probably be more proud of the thought process that allowed me to do so than of the aesthetic result, weird but true!

  8. This is my take on the Sensual keyword, its elements are according to the common view of sensuality, showing skin, skimming curves... but I tried to portray it honoringΒ my preferred aesthetic, with items that I feel more flattering and pleasing to my body.

  9. The AI says I'm Gorgeous, thanks for raising my self-esteem, you kind bot 😁

  10. Terrible quality (couldn't upload clearer images) but hopefully you can read some of it or get the idea. Nothing official obviously just thought it was fun to look at it this way

  11. I love the sinuous shapes of many of the pieces! It gives that mystery and intrigue!

  12. Glad you liked it! Always there's a little bit of Left that pops out =)

  13. This is not my keyword, and maybe I didn't think so profoundly about it, that's why I'm being quite literal :D I think the best way I could incorporate this word in my style would be in jewelry, then my board, that focuses on gold, channeling the sun (also in some design elements). I couldn't help remembering

  14. That's my kind of radiant 😍 I'd wear the blonde woman's outfit anytime!

  15. I like that the overall aesthetic looks so similar to other moodboards you shared here, but still the shapes are so different! It looks like ~you~

  16. Thanks πŸ₯° Actually I picked all these from my inspo Pinterest, good sign that you found it cohesive with my other boards!

  17. Great board. Can I ask what you imported your Pinterest images into?

  18. Thanks! I used to create the board.

  19. So nice, these shapes and fluidity of fabrics are kind of what I envision when thinking about ease. I even got excited to make a board with my take, coming next! πŸ™‚

  20. You are doing great in your journey, thanks for sharing and inspiring us πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  21. Unfortunately, I don't have time to contribute now, but I loved this idea of challenge! Looking forward to the other keywords editions πŸ™πŸ½

  22. I love this, it looks much like the style I envision for myself and I'm happy this time the elements of interest are not so relying on color. I just don't change my archetype because I choose powerful over sensual, but I think this also works beautifully with a more left-leaning Lady Heretic like me, keeping the base but changing some accessories πŸ˜€

  23. Your recreation is really similar, kudos! I'd just adjust a bit the neckline area, giving it more space, by straightening the top upper line, instead of the current curved shape, and using the necklace closer to the neck. For L + U, and considering the original color effect was a bit softened because it is not so contrasting in your coloring, you could even go bolder in golden details πŸ™‚

  24. I join the choir here, being so thankful for you remembering us that style should be foremost an expression of our beautiful selves, and more than lines, or shapes (though they also have their value), we must honor what makes us feel good and how we want to show up to the world. Have a day full of blessings, and may you continue inspiring other people! πŸ’—

  25. Just to give my two cents, she doesn't strike me as a completely Up person. Of course, her looks are very curated and well-thought for her roles, but I still get a sense of approachability, and of having some fun, which would position her in an intersection of Role Model and Trendsetter, IMHO.

  26. This is fascinating to reflect on! I wonder if she personally preferred LU style logic but had to develop situational RU logic because of her role as the First Lady. Even in her later years because of her position of influence there was a ton of pressure. She literally had power/was a role model in a somewhat inescapable way - which is making me lean more RU for her (but like Angelica Huston RU flavor more than Kate Middleton RU flavor). I think a lot of RU women are very "sexy" and creative in their style. I don't know what quadrant Victoria Beckham would fall into but my gut says RU for her and I see her as similarly sensual and trendsetting. Alexa Chung also comes to mind.

  27. Regarding the R vs. L, I think this is on point, I totally agree.

  28. What’s high up on the right down quadrant? That’s what it’s giving me

  29. I see a case for Illuminatrix here, considering both pictures and description. It's down, but can easily move up. It is right, but can move left. Solange has this chameleonic aspect that may provide a good inspo, IMO.

  30. Great news, wish you the best, mod team! ☺️

  31. Second reply this kind of blows my mind because it's really similar to the examples I show and people often say they had no idea how I am using the keywords but apparently it seems so easy a basic algorithm gets it?

  32. My guess here is that people is more used to make their choices based on what market or celebrities say, which doesn't require thinking at all, while this approach requires one to reflect a bit of the meanings associated with the elements you incorporate to your style. It is not a hard task, but a matter of constructing a wider cultural repertoire, and making the connections with your choices.

  33. I am thinking Lady Heretic... she seems left but has some right leanings. This is probably my archetype, and I resonate with these looks 😁

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