European who is visiting LA and USA for the first time... I'm shocked and I really need to vent.

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  1. The only time Trea cracks a smile in LA is when hes boarded his plane at LAX to go back to the east coast

  2. You have to apply to CSULA as an incoming transfer first. So you might be able to get in for the Spring semester thought I’m not sure of when the deadline is. If you were accepted to CSUN you will probably be accepted to CSULA as long as your major isn’t impacted.

  3. For the edit part then what means I have to wait till next year no?

  4. No, you could get in for Spring. And to your other comment, you can drop all classes and not pay. But you have to do it by the first day. It’s not a big deal to not do it. Just make sure you drop out so you don’t get charged.

  5. I like Dodger Stadium as is. I actually liked it more before all the renovations. Unpopular opinion I know.

  6. Why did you choose to stay downtown? That’s kind of odd, there’s so many great places to stay in this city and I would never recommend DTLA.

  7. That's what I don't get. Why is there no actual enforcement of actual problems in this city? It's like the cops are actively trying to make quality of life here worse.

  8. Coming home in the valley last night saw someone run the red light at Corbin and Plummer right before we got to the intersection. If we had been just a bit earlier we would’ve been turning left on that green as that person blew through at full speed.

  9. The valley is awful. People here drive way, way too fast because the streets are so wide and straight. I’m so sick of it.

  10. My uncle looks at scores and whenever I complain about Kimbrel closing he just tells me how many saves he has. He saves games but it’s not pretty and his luck is not gonna last.

  11. I’m excited to see the padres doing their best Rams impersonation, but I do miss how cheap the tickets were before San Diego remembered they existed.

  12. At least the rams drafted their best offensive and defensive players so they can’t.

  13. That’s a bad argument. We had to trade for Stafford to win. And Jalen. And Von. And OBJ.

  14. He’s not wrong. Knowing players can’t retaliate really does have these overweight, drunk dudes acting tough.

  15. Players can retaliate, they just face some pretty serious consequences. See Metta World Peace Sandiford-Artest.

  16. I’m pretty sure he was just selling a Goodell clown on a Browns shirt because the NFL is pushing for a harder suspension.

  17. The same Browns who spent the last 10 years ripping on the Steelers because of Big Ben?

  18. So true. I’ve armed myself with common sense for the past 30 years of living here and I’ve had little to no problems. It’s a game changer.

  19. My wife’s family lives in Vero. There’s a lot of resentment towards the Dodgers about them leaving the ST site. But Dodgertown is still there and Vero still has a good population of Dodger fans.

  20. I think Lux, Cartaya, Miller, Pages, Pepiot and Busch was the asking price. Too damn high

  21. if that’s truly the offer, I can’t really understand why the Nats didn’t pull the trigger. Way better than what the Pads gave up imo

  22. Why does anyone bring anything up on Reddit? It’s a mix of boredom and desire to talk about the dodgers. Why do you bring anything up? To get mad at people who reply? Do yourself a favor and block me so I don’t trouble you by interacting anymore. Fuckin weirdo

  23. Last time we were “sellers” at the deadline we won the Word Series 🤷🏻

  24. Disagree. Darvish pitched well until the Astros cheated against him, and Scherzer did a ton, including helping us clinch against the Giants. Just because we didn't win doesn't mean those guys didn't perform.

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