1. personally my experience in clord hasnt been that bad but yeah it can get bad at times, sorry to hear that

  2. like the other comments mentioned, you want to download the mods toggleable bindings and godseeker plus from scarab. keybind for toggling bindings is down+super dash near a bench

  3. Words cannot describe my love for Nightnare King Grimm.

  4. i dont really time it, sometimes its just by accident bc of how much damage later game weapons do

  5. im pretty sure heart level stops decaying when you're at maximum, so it will stay the same even if you don't interact with them

  6. while its always good to see familiar faces, i feel like lancer's role in chapter 1 was filled, and in chapter 2 his comedic relief was excellent, and personally i'd like it to stay that way

  7. You know what happened to me? I unlocked skull cavern fairly early on my most recent playthrough and decided to get floor 100 out of the way. Used all my bombs and just made it - only to to climb the ladder into an empty room and find out Mr qi wasn't there yet. Haven't triggered whatever it is I need to trigger for him to spawn lol. Will have to do it again at some point.

  8. New night's edge. Yes, it's the best pre-hardmode weapon, but people are trying to do expert mechs with it when there are so many better options outside of a true melee challenge.

  9. the point is that its a challenge, the fact that its considered for mechs as a phm weapon when there are other options proves how good it is

  10. Pirouette may seem random, but it's actually completely deterministic. Count the turns modulo nine, and use the act when its result is beneficial (on turn 4 mod 9 you get a defense buff, on turn 6 mod 9 you heal a random single party member, and on turn 9 mod 9 you heal everyone).

  11. also i think its turn 7 where you can jumble up party member hp to give ralsei more health if you really want but idk it its viable to do so

  12. x money by x year with x restrictions x thing completed as soon as possible

  13. yeah its really cool the secret boss is the wall of flesh and if you manage to kill it you get more game to play

  14. Insignia? Shiny stone? Witch's broom? Scarf? The three auto attacks you can easily slot into a fishing loadout?

  15. shiny stone isnt really useful in combat, there are alternatives to witch's broom and worm scarf can be replaced with other accessories for more damage usually but yeah insignia is good

  16. it gets more consistent than you think, but if youve beaten it once no need to do it again unless you are practicing for r5 or want to do it for fun

  17. people put lots of jar/keg in shed. by putting one outside, you coule fill all of them with whatever and not have to go inside to check if it is done

  18. I haven't finished, but after doing Oblobbles I was convinced that was the most frustrating radiant boss. And then I discovered the misery that is radiant Markoth.

  19. no they arent the most frustrating for most people but theres a reason why people say difficulty is subjective

  20. no its not it will likely update at the start of the upcoming months

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