1. Make a 45-degree angle with the walls for the front and then use the curved basic shape.

  2. That's how I made my yacht. Hopefully this could be helpful!

  3. Happy birthday! I have done something similar for my 14th birthday lol.

  4. I have enough houses/apartments, I have a cafe, theatre, restaurant, school, book/craft shop, plant shop, motel, and grocery store. Just no clue what to finish off with

  5. Naaa bruh who ever does that aint worth the tour they stuck up pricks

  6. True... I always give a free tour around my plots when someone asks. Thanks for your generosity!

  7. Im. On rn if u wanna join Server code:HFIndutries

  8. i love joining rp servers and work, i just read the chat and enjoy the show

  9. When I and my friend rps (have been role-playing the same family for 2 years) some people randomly comment on our rp...

  10. Perfect! Finally, have the right place for my business growth.

  11. Never ever finished a build in my life, I am always ReNovAtiNg

  12. I could never lol congratulations

  13. Congrats! First time seeing people can reach to 500 day streak!

  14. Honestly, I agree. I am not sure if I am like 1 in 10 people on earth achieving this.

  15. Because they literally said โ€œIs it bad that I built Auschwitzโ€™s?โ€ In chat, they also had the name plastered onto the build. Besides, is there any room for suspension with a name like that?

  16. I am not really sure if that is normal. But 3 years ago, I was playing ping pong and I hit my wrist on the stone table, and it was hurting for like a year...

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