1. Pink Cookies is one of their best strains by far. Absolutely love the smell/taste. Haters mad about a lil stem in the pic. Sad.

  2. the taste is straight up strawberry cream. way more diesel on the nose, but the taste is more fruity/berry leaning.

  3. their rosin on 40% or 50% off days is a sweet lil deal, let me tell u

  4. I'd rather get live resin from TL $110 for 3 special.

  5. facts. I have an absurdly high tolerance and those xbites smack. I also enjoyed their sativa capsules.

  6. Hey I had two Amazon slices of pizza in the parking lot alone for lunch today...

  7. probably the worst dispensary in florida. don’t stress it too much.

  8. Miami Beach, but the tourists cant make purchases. They need to open one landside, aint nobody that lives here going to the beach for some bud.

  9. Believe it or not, there are plenty of folks who live in Miami Beach who are locals and have med cards, like myself :)

  10. Absolute trash terpless rosin there. I’ve pressed better from shitty trulieve minis

  11. I just took a very tasty terpy dab of some Mojito rosin from Surterra. Does this upset you?

  12. This strain is almost always ‘primo’. They just like to charge the extra $$ because they are greedy pieces of donkey shit.

  13. Right. I feel for you but why would you do that to everybody that drove by.

  14. using that same logic, why would you post it on here for everybody that visits this sub?

  15. I grabbed 3 eighths of Larry on a 40% off day and it was so fucking awful. Zero smell. None. Also extremely harsh on my lungs and tasted like dirt/grass/smoke.

  16. Never experienced this...Their batches can be hit or miss on most strains for sure but larry has been by far some of the most consistent smoke @ surterra and in the state in general. I only buy larry from them for that reason. Did you get the COA before you bought the 3?

  17. Nah, I didn’t. Def should have. I ended up just using it to infuse coconut oil and it served that purpose well.

  18. Half eaten $15 sandwich, apparently

  19. looks like it was just the half. so it’d be 30 clams for a full sammie

  20. The comment I was responding to was about Bam and Herro, idk where you got Lowry from 🤣

  21. he’s comparing the ‘recency bias’ you claim people have towards bam and herro to the recency bias YOU have towards Lowry’s starting spot. dummy.

  22. Benching Lowry isn’t Recency Bias, Benching Lowry is only an option bc 2 people that didn’t perform in the playoffs might take his spot. Herro didn’t play well, neither did Dipo, I just think a Herro / Dipo backcourt is better defensively and offensively than Lowry and Dipo or Lowry and Strus

  23. gimme one of those, a fat scoop of vanilla ice cream and some whipped cream on top. it’s party time.

  24. Because he’s a soft baby back bitch

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