1. Not to be a creep but what's ur dogs name

  2. Mia. 😁 She is a Bichon and will be eight years old on Valentine's Day.

  3. Vanessa’s mom is Jessica from Suits?!

  4. Cameron Diaz as Birdie from 2012 is so accurate.

  5. How trying to rape to someone and selling sex for hotel is romantic? This is so cringe.

  6. I just found this comment on Youtube.

  7. What's the story behind them? Is Joshua the creator of GG?

  8. What's the difference between A Short Film About Killing/Love and Dekalog? Was this movie supposed to be remake, or?

  9. I'm waiting for the flashback scene for the next episode. I still can't forget about that flashback from this episode.

  10. If you like Unfriended, Searching, Hush, Nerve, or Terrifier movies, then yes. You will enjoy Spree.

  11. She's nominated for an Oscar only, not for a Razzie.

  12. A new chapter of my life also begins today. I'm so excited!

  13. It existed before AHS - they just made it popular 😅 the font is ITC Willow.

  14. I've been a fan since 2011, and I just learned this today lol.

  15. Ana De Armas and Stephanie Hsu. And The Whale not getting into a ten nominee list were my surprises

  16. What's wrong with Ana de Armas' performance? She deserved that nomination, IMO.

  17. Yeah her acting was great in blonde. Sadly that's the only good thing that movie has.

  18. The makeup and hairstyle, and cinematography.

  19. Firstly, the Razzies are disgusting for this. They need to be abolished. Picking on a 12 year old girl is foul.

  20. I agree. I thought her performance was fine for the film. They shouldn't nominate young children for Razzies.

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