1. Fat people are a marginalized group. They're a tribe much in the same way that gay people and people of color are. Even if she's straight-sized now, Roxxy continues to show her solidarity with fat people by not renouncing that part of her identity even when she would be able to claim privilege by doing so.

  2. Looking at the comments, majority of the artists being mentioned are big in the queer community!

  3. Because our taste is just chef's kiss

  4. Imagine Bianca doing the opening monolog, Bob for the sketches, and Trixie as the musical guest!! WIG SNATCHED

  5. For Kindle, you should definitely see if a relative can get it for you from the US, because there are more models there and I got mine for half the price.

  6. Lawrence imo is the funniest Queen of the franchise casually, if she can apply that to the actual comedy challenges she'd be unstoppable as she's already glam

  7. I can't say I'm surprised, but I am 100% sure that if it wasn't for the recency of AS7, Bob would have locked that first place and the second and third places would be a fight between Bianca and Jinkx

  8. I still maintain that her Judy Garland vs. Naomi Smalls was way closer (and I liked Monet’s more) than the common consensus.

  9. I genuinely believe Monet is the best lip-sync artist in the show. She can murder any category and the only reason she did not win any LSFYLegacy is that she did not want to, but the lip-syncs that mattered (the final ones) she absolutely killed and won. This can also be seen that every lip-sync of hers on S10 was amazing and even the one she went home on was extremely close.

  10. Late opinion, but Trinity The Tuck's best lip-syncs were in Season 9 when they were just a no-holds-barred-full-body-explosion. Since then, her weird mixture of sexually confused camp (if you can even call it that) just does not hit. Her last good lip-sync was the Emotions lip-sync in AS4.

  11. Season 14 was not a great season. It wouldn't even make top 10 on a list of 14 seasons. The reason for this is that it was too safe a season. There was no feelin of risk or edge and the lazy "twists" and left-field judgements destroyed the stakes. Season 14 was like a plain butter sandwich, it suffices your hunger, but does nothing above that

  12. Drag Race has done fucked up drag! In the more recent seasons, uniqueness seems to be dying out. We can interchange too many queens for one another at this point. Further, due to the show becoming so look-oriented, we're missing out on a lot of great queens who have weaker runways. Season 5 Jinkx would not survive a day in today's production scenario. While we used to have multiple "Charismatic Queens With Weak Runways" make it further in the earlier seasons (Jujubee and Pandora on S2, Shangela on S3, Latrice on S4) we get such a queen far more infrequently nowadays, especially those who make it at least past the halfway point.

  13. Some people make their money selling their holes, others make money putting holes in the ground🤷‍♂️

  14. Jumboking has stopped marketing itself as vadapao, 100 rs ka pricing rakh ke tum vadapao bech rahe ho, toh koi nai khareedega, isilie ab burger ke naam pe bechte hai woh

  15. I totally get that, it’s just the perpetual cocktease of “ooo girl the fans have NO idea what really happened. Maybe I’ll spill, one day tee hee.” That everyone has been posting since day one. It’s clear that not getting the winners edit, and the spotlight having to be shared 8 ways, has twisted the perception of what they think is “fair” reality tv. Viv didn’t care when the makeover challenge was swung to keep her safe and knock out Cheryl, Yvie was fine with the judging of the monster ball and magic show in s11, Shea was fine when the edit made Alexis/India seem like the devil to even consider eliminating her, Monet and Trinity didn’t have a problem with Monique getting shafted.

  16. Honestly, you spilled so hard that you might have just broken the damn kettle

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