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  1. Do I have better odds queuing for Guardians of the Galaxy ride at 7am or about 2 pm after I park hop. Unfortunately I will only have about half a day at Epcot :/

  2. All their Disneyland content this week has reminded me yet again how much I love the Lost Bros and all of their content. Their enthusiasm always seems genuine and far outpaces most other Disney influencers for me. They’re actually fun to watch.

  3. Have you lived under a rock the last 5+ years?

  4. How do I see the mystery cookie for thurs-sat?

  5. I just found one of my tweets from 12/2018.

  6. 🎶 What I’m gunna live for. What I’m gunna die for. Who you gunna fight for.

  7. Was post-surgery underwear provided or do you have a suggestion? Thanks!

  8. Not sure we have the same definition of "heartbreaking"...

  9. with or without... bring him back! I just miss him!

  10. I'll be an emotional wreck no matter who it is.

  11. Poor little guy. I’m glad you are getting him care. I thought my last kitten was at risk too but his test was also negative and he had many of the symptoms you described. He was also running a fever. Turns out it was a virus and the vet got him on the mend with meds and fluids.

  12. Oh yes I forgot he had/has a fever as well.

  13. I went last Sept 1-9 and while it was practically dead crowd-wise, I wouldn't go back at during that time again. It was ungodly, unbearably hot.

  14. Why is Paloma focusing on the edited show? She got the loveliest edit on the show.

  15. Seth Cohen living out his dream of being a superhero ❤

  16. I've seen the older seasons so many times and (off the top of my head) the episodes that make me cry every time are:

  17. I'm about to turn 30 and sleep with stuffed animals that have no sentimental value, I just like them.

  18. Between Daniel and Jasmine, all of the fake, over-the-top southern accents were extremely hard to listen to.

  19. however the twist plays out, I hope Grodner makes it physical enough that Nicole wins and Terrance could be evicted

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