1. Why would you ask Google about when Apple’s operating system will be released?

  2. Because google is a search engine where else am i supposed to search? Apple doesn’t have a search engine 😂

  3. I like how he just stood there in the corner and observed... Until Rhae's sons where at risk

  4. I was thinking Orys Baratheon in the Aegons conquest prequel. But yeah i agree, Robert would work great too.

  5. As a tragedy, like the book has it be. There are no happy endings here.

  6. Yeah the Fire & Blood ending was pretty bittersweet. With Aegon 3 as king.

  7. Who would want the episode spoiled when it literally airs in a few hours

  8. im european and the episode airs at 4 am here, so its either lose sleep over a show or watch it tomorrow at god knows what hour so… its also much more gun this way

  9. Top, 100000000% percent. With a Arthur Dayne and The Dragon Knight the bottom dont stand a chance

  10. I would avoid it, the cost is low, but the hardware is so prohibitive to start with it would be a bad experience.

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