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  1. You must set boundaries; even at 17 you have a right to some privacy. You can start by never letting them see your art. If you have to move work to a friend's place do so. If they're on social media on the same platforms, block them. "I can't get see your account. what did you do?"

  2. Get a beginner's book on photography rather than a drawing book. The viewpoint is useful because it is more about controlling the lighting rather than interpreting it.

  3. You'll have to look at the print shops in your town. There may only be one or a couple dozen. They all will do samples for you; compare. They all generally offer the same cardstock.

  4. Every drawing shouldn't be a painful start-from-scratch-exercise. Of course you've planned the drawing; you know what you want to draw. Bring your plan into focus in layout. You don't have to remember everything because you know anatomy that thoroughly. Execute.

  5. Yours is a classic example of pure serendipity. Artists normally labor getting recognition but you are the recipient of a happy accident. Enjoy this! Then build on it.

  6. Art buyers are generally interest specific; they like a particular style or genre. I'm a firm believer in painting/drawing what your interests are; those who like the same come upon your work eventually.

  7. OP, what kind of brush are you using? A Rigger, yes, but sable, horse hair, squirrel? Only asking in relation to oil painting.

  8. Alphonso Dunn has an amazing channel geared primarily to ink drawing but 90 percent of it could also applies to pencil.

  9. It was not sustainable, I have no doubt if I continue to work those hours my health would have declined significantly. I was only getting about 3 hours of sleep and night at the time. It was so bad I would fall asleep while driving in the turret forklift. I had to beg my managers to change departments to the customer service / QA area. Once I was in QA I was bound straight to the top after that. But it took me years of improving myself, proving myself, and learning as much as possible. I kissed out on a lot of free time, but I managed to get ahead a bit.

  10. Physical and mentally you will crater ... hope things are better now.

  11. Yeah it's a complete 180. Now instead of starting at 4pm and getting off at 4am, I go in at 6am and finish my day by 2:30pm. I have to wake up at 4 am because I have an hour drive, but it's still a hell of a lot easier, on body and mind, 100%.

  12. You need to run as many copies as you need and give to all your coworkers.

  13. Some professional framers also do preservation work. If you can't find one speak to your local museums.

  14. I've been doing this since I was a kid. Any frozen pizza with added cheese/toppings becomes known as a "super pizza" in my family. I'm a single dude and I like to grill at least once a week so I have some dank meat to use throughout the week for work lunches, ramen noodles, stir fry, and super pizzas. I buy cheese pizzas because they come with fancier cheese and then I add whatever I got grilled up (usually pork loin or chicken) and I add some extra cheese of my own just to make sure i'ts a true "super pizza"

  15. I buy a frozen pizza and add chopped peppers, onions, oregano, extra pepperoni, sometimes anchovies (on my side) plus mozzarella. Once you have that "base" pizza it just gets better.

  16. I'm curious to hear what, if any, avenues of discussions have led to constructive conversations? 80% of the republicans I've talked are only capable of weak trash talk instead of actually discussing or debating an issue. 0% of the Trumpers have been able to hold actual conversations other than "hail glorious leader".

  17. For the most part you're right. I've had better success talking with complete strangers than the right wing fringe of my extended family. After Jan6th one life-long Republican cousin said, "I will never vote for a Republican the rest of my life." Reasonable, smart, aware ... I didn't have any influence on him; he made that decision.

  18. I feel you. I've some fringe/cultist family members too, and they once told me separation of church and state only means the state can't tell the church what to do... it's almost like trying to talk to a separate species.

  19. There are definitely some trigger points. Me; "They shouldn't allow prayer before HS sports games." Argument ensues.

  20. No, no ... it is totally about control. The GOP wants to turn the US into a Fascist Theocracy. Amazing five men have the power to strip the rights away from half the US population.

  21. A couple of years ago, I email them with no response and periodically browse their website.

  22. Too bad. I imagine they get frequent requests. Still think the shape of that indentation is significant. Google several others ... or a university with a Native Studies program/archeology.

  23. A fellow Mason thought it might be Hebrew symbols. I have tried matching them to something with no success.

  24. Husband is a 32nd degree Mason ... he doesn't know either. Me, clueless with Hebrew.

  25. They will only win if you don’t vote. 400k eligible voters in TX didn’t because they thought it didn’t matter. THAT is why we’re in this situation.

  26. No. They're confining and make my drawings look weird. Much prefer to depend on my eye.

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