1. Fresh milk meaning non-pasterized milk ?

  2. Sorry, I should have been clear, I meant non-UHT milk

  3. The widespread adoption of glass put back the development of x ray specs for years

  4. Maybe. Apparently there was an underwater theme, so who else might it have been? I don’t think Cousteau ever looked like that

  5. Yes, a few more than usual inside. Maybe it's the cool weather that attracts them in

  6. TIL these cars were mass produced. In fact, TIL they even existed.

  7. They weren't entirely practical, because after going in water there were about a dozen places that needed regreasing, one of which could only be accessed by removing the back seat.

  8. Have you had a boiled potato with no seasoning, no oil, no butter, no salt, just boiled and plain? It's edible but it's definitely not compelling unless you're truly famished.

  9. Steamed potatoes are delicious. I recommend Jersey Royals as well.

  10. Jersey Royals are lovely, although if you buy them as seed potatoes they're called "International Kidney".

  11. All the teachers said I'd end up on drugs and in jail (I didn't 😂)

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