I fucking hate dolphins so much.

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  1. I feel like you don’t even need to do any of that to find a good man willing to help with your beauty endeavors.

  2. Why do so many people here lie about this? We can tell when you’re using a filter, they weren’t invented yesterday lol. You’re not gonna get honest feedback about how old you really look if you use one. 🙄

  3. I have read, understand, and will follow the rules as well as the men’s and women’s ratings guides.

  4. I really like the 3rd pic of you best. You’d look good with styled short hair to your cheek bones to highlight your nice cheek bones and jawline. Maybe put product in to make it wavy? I would rate a 6 but might come back to edit after I review guidelines. You have a handsome face and good skin!

  5. This is why I don’t follow “cute dog video” channels or subs. You always get recommended some borderline animal abuse shit like that. I only ever come here for adorable Maltese content.

  6. She’s honestly one of the sweetest people I know but she’s a terrible mother. I always wish I could interact with people at the level she does. She’s just so personable and likable, you can’t hate her. But yeah as a mother, the relationship is almost non-existent. She’s more like a distant good friend?

  7. 1 is so cute and looks made for you! Love your style & hair.

  8. That’s literally what style everyone would go for lol. I was in middle school but remember you’d wet your hair and put moose in. It never turned out right on me though and I’d end up with dry waves. Maybe it was for the best 🤷‍♀️

  9. Was looking into the origins of dnd 5e vampires so I guess a vampire? Not too bad until it kills me and drains my blood I guess lol

  10. It’s a testament to how intelligent they are. Not excusing some of the sociopathic behavior but I’ve also heard stories of dolphins saving drowning humans. It shows the diversity in how they think and feel, like humans. Some will torture, rape, and leave you for dead while others will save your life and be your best friend. I wouldn’t paint all dolphins with 1 brush just like I wouldn’t for humans.

  11. Your style’s sick. I don’t even have ideas, you just look awesome (like grimes). 💕💕

  12. I don’t think makeup changes your appearance as much as people believe. Yes, bad makeup can harm your appearance, but that’s about it. Expertly applied makeup will never make someone who isn’t attractive a 7-10. You can’t fake bone structure that isn’t already there, despite what people believe. Also, the girl looks good in all three pictures, IMO. The heavy eye liner does emphasize how big her eyes are, but aside from that, she doesn’t have any ridiculous nose contour on. You can’t fake shadows on the nose, hard as people try. The beauty guru orange contour does nothing for them. 😭

  13. I would have to politely (partially) disagree with this. I felt that way too until discovering Asian make up techniques. They address facial symmetry unlike Western make up artists and help you correct problems on your face.

  14. Makeup can help, sure, but people swear you can build new cheekbones, a super sculpted jawline if you don’t already have something there, and give yourself a rhinoplasty. You can maybe make an improvement, but shadows will never be perfectly mimicked by contour powders and makeup products that are only 2D.

  15. That’s very true and I 100% agree you can only do so much. I think for subtle improvements it can really take you to the next level!

  16. Nothing a driver can do. They are tracked by GPS so they have to drop it at the location the customer put down. DoorDash literally won’t let them drop it off unless their gps shows they are at the address the customer left.

  17. They also won't reimburse you if you drive to a different location to drop it off.

  18. Skincare is about $300/month from monthly facials and replenishing products

  19. I pay around $100 for any hair care products I run out of like shampoo, heat protectant, smoothing spray, masks, deep conditioner, accessories, etc.

  20. I have a friend who had a mini facelift done at the ripe old age of 19…and it really aged her. She had gotten cheek implants, regretted them, had them removed about 5 months after placement and then got a mini facelift bc she thought her face was saggy because of the removal. I encouraged her to just leave her face alone for a year after the removal of the implants but she said she couldn’t bc she was going to go to college soon and couldn’t deal having “the skin of a 30 year old”. It took her a while to find a doctor willing to do the facelift but her dad is a politician who has made some connections and she went to a doctor in NYC who did the facelift. It’s not that she looked bad..it was more like how Heidi Montag went from a cute 20-something to looking like a hot 40 year old. This was about 7 years ago so maybe things have been fine tuned since then but I really don’t know if you should push forward when doctors are saying no.

  21. I'd say it was probably more due to the cheek implants than the face lift I would assume? I remember reading somewhere that cheek implants can really age you, but I thought a facelift could take years off your face. I personally would opt for the ponytail lift, seems more natural.

  22. This lady lives in or near Belgrade Montana for anyone who's curious. She's dumping the cats at a place called "Bear Canyon" instead of dropping them off at a pound which is on the way to Bear Canyon. Hope someone finds this psycho and gives her a heavy dose of karma.

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