Alex Jones ordered to pay $45.2M to Sandy Hook victim's family

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  1. Good. This upward wealth transfer will finally stop. It'll also help the poor with savings accounts having good yields. Continue restricting immigration and push companies out of China and we can finally rebuild America

  2. As somebody responsible for hiring in CA and NV i can tell you that we need more people to come to the USA . There just is not enough people to fill the jobs we have open in the economy. Skilled and legal immigration would be a good thing for the USA as we reshore jobs and industry.

  3. Why because I don’t believe Trump is a real Republican ? Because I don’t like Trump ? You assume an awful lot about be because of my statement . There seems a lot of conservatives running around awful sensitive to criticism of the Dear leader . Maybe I’m just too old like that Sherrif in no country for old men ..

  4. No, because this post has nothing to do with our last president.

  5. Dont you mean the next one ? That aside the OP in this thread asserted that we live in a propagandized political world. I assert that the republican party and indeed Trump can dabble in the dark arts also . Nothing more , nothing less.

  6. Sort of blame the victim vive going on there ..

  7. I mean, as a statement it makes even less sense. What am I supposed to do with this knowledge now?

  8. Whatever takes your fancy . Invest in America 🇺🇸 could be one thing . Solid future , very bullish .

  9. Or... I'll just buy the best quality product for the best price. And that usually isn't the American one.

  10. You could measure in square meters the amount of airspace you were going to defend with a frogfoot. Your far better off with greek support , relatively speaking.

  11. No . I been watching sentiment in murica. Decent republicans got your back .. there are elements of opinion though that think it’s a way to funnel money to American oligarchs etc.

  12. Watching and being in an experiencing are two different things. Ultimately unless you are from the states you comment is moot.

  13. Thanks . Spend six months in California and Nevada and the remainder in Europe. I would describe my workforce as Republican . We often go shooting together in the dessert in our big trucks :) .

  14. The west is giving them way too much airtime . If they blew it winds carry it to crimea . Yet here we are talking about their bullshit claims z

  15. a) Romania, Bulgaria and Greece are all NATO members - in times of war they could cover the whole Black Sea and Aegean with missiles and their air forces and navies, Turkey's role in controlling the Bosporus would be inconsequential. Russia wouldn't get into the Black Sea or out of it without fighting its way past three NATO members.

  16. The biggest question mark for me is if Turkey would defend another NATO member against Russia.

  17. Between Dnipro and Kharkiv, basically. Not in occupied territory. Probably more cruise missile attacks.

  18. It’s an odd shaped building .. some have suggested a train ?

  19. Maybe. But it's not just the physical connection, software has to support too. Plenty of US aircraft can't even launch it. Seems more likely to me that the rumors of F-16 training that have been floating around are true.

  20. An f16 is the least likely of all possibilities .

  21. I saw that .. maybe .. still doubtful they are in the air over Ukraine .. but would be good if true . There are nato Migs that can launch them .

  22. Yes especially worth it to play xp11 and 12 ..

  23. i have an 11 pro , it is around 18mo old as it was replaced under apple care. I cant justify upgrading just to have the latest .. but i did buy an M1 Imac from them so they got their pound of flesh lol.

  24. What a headline . Written by a five year old .

  25. A machine that can change bomers nappies in the nursing homes would be a good invention.

  26. Zero point five per cent is " agressive " ? My understanding is that American interest rate export inflation and helps protect the $ as a reserve currency ( are oil prices falling in $ terms because of the strenght of the dollar , barely moving in euro terms for example so an example of exported inflation ) .

  27. i don't want that other side of the extreme. if saving is more attractive than investment, it'll be harder to get out of the economic rut.

  28. I do understand that point but man look at the crap people have been investing in for the last few years. NFT's , dogi coins , rolex watches to look good on instagram .. theres been so much money poured into so much garbage its almost eaten the foundation out of the economy. They really should have let more air out of it much earlier but the markets and people got addicted to cheap money. There has to be some rebalancing and with employment high , it might be the safest time to do it.

  29. holy shit i just went over there and saw the dog in the elevator. Theres a few videos ive seen on reddit i cant unsee.

  30. Yeah First ammendment right is not the right to slander. And he knew what he was doing too .. He tried to claim he believed what he said but then his lawyer accidently sent the parents lawyer this phone dump and AJ was chatting with people where he basically said it wasnt a hoax. So was basically feeding cookie conspiracy theories , slandering the parents knowing he was talking bullshit.

  31. This guy is the definition of a fucking meathead. Suck shit and may the kids and teachers of Sandy Hook RIP.

  32. Joe Biden is about to announce a billion of weapons ( biggest delivery yet ) They are raising rates to cool the global economy / export inflation and cool it some more reducing Russias income ..support is strong where it matters .. fortunately for Ukraine there is more than Ukraine at stake ( being realistic ) so as I said where it counts there is support . I have the sense that something good is cooking as the orcs run out of steam .. we will see .

  33. I think any Russian soldier inKherson must be shitting it ..

  34. God knows whats really happening. The British kept making the germans guess where they were going to land. For all we know this could have been filmed beside the Polish border . The Orcs are very spread out and have to keep moving their forces around to try and defend.. Note they are not pushing any more.

  35. She probably knew how to read it and said hello world .

  36. How much is a kWh of electricity over there . Those bills just seem astronomical compared to here in Spain . Heating / cooling and water for showers here for a family of four in my home is about 55 euros a month… granted we are being careful .

  37. It depends on the area, but in the south I was quoted 29p on their variable rate, 60p on their fixed for 1 year rate.

  38. Holy sheet ! I got 10c fixed rate for four years . Maybe there’s something in our renewables drive after all .

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