1. Hi. Strange they would say it’s “sealed”. That’s usually a term reserved for court cases and dispositions. Who called to ask - you or your friend? Could be deceit there but I’ll take your word on it. Feel free to send me a PM with the full name, date of incident, and city. I’ll see what I can do but no guarantees if it’s not public info. Also curious how you and/or your friend know of the arrest but the mother doesn’t? I can’t imagine he’d blab that detail to his child.

  2. the mother knows about the arrest but the dad lied about the reason for arrest. claiming he was in an accident followed by other supporting lies. my friend was told by the people working at the police station about the documents not being available to the public.

  3. i am having the same issue with my stiizy. it is connected to the battery but won’t draw. did you ever find a solution?

  4. Yes! There's a little hole on the side of the pod under the black mouthpiece. Cover it. It may/may not pull super hard but it fixes the issue. Spits a lot too, but at least ur pod isnt for waste. I think when the problem occurs, the seal under the mouthpiece is broken. Worked for me on multiple pods w same issue.

  5. thank you!! the little clear piece wasn’t fitting all the way in so i cleaned it and wedged it back and it’s working!

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