1. I’m taking sublingual 5,000 mcg and don’t feel anything. But I have a gene polymorphism that predisposes me to low B12… also I have a gene that metabolises coffee fast, so it doesn’t have any effect on me either. Still trying to find something that can be stimulating for me

  2. I’ll be honest, with high FSH but good AFC and your age, standard protocol IVF might not make much sense in your case. For how long have you been TTC? Have you done timed intercourse with cycle monitoring? Re: doctor, Librach at Create is a specialist in DOR and he’s not a money grab because he offers 3 IVF cycles for a price of 2 and a 30% off on top of it. With DOR you usually need several retrievals to get enough good eggs.

  3. One other important thing, they’re the only clinic in ON who have their own lab to monitor embryos and do genetic testing. That’s very important for DOR.

  4. But his waitlist is long, about 8 months from the time your family doctor sends a referral

  5. Magnificent! I wonder, is there any course online or maybe a blog where I can learn about interesting artefacts like this? I studied History of World Arts in school and uni, but we definitely didn’t study peculiar things like this.

  6. I’m taking it but for the purposes of fertility. In luteal phase to increase progesterone.

  7. Didn’t notice any cognitive effects.

  8. Do you have any recommendations to a third party site to upload the raw data?

  9. There’s a rare disease carrier analysis available by Xcode Life. Needs raw data from 23andme/or other companies.

  10. Most beautiful cafe in the world: Cafe im Kunsthistorischen Museum

  11. When you say no development past yolk sac you mean no fetus? What’s MMC?

  12. The Russian founders of it were arrested in Latin America a month or two ago.

  13. Infopreneurship, info business, knowledge economy

  14. I would say Canva website. Can post videos and a buy button that redirects to either your Amazon or Ejunkie through which you can sell downloadable PDFs for example. Canva has stunning modern templates.

  15. And you can connect your own domain to Canva.

  16. Or Wix but it’s much more expensive.

  17. Might be a surprising choice but Canva. Free if don’t need a custom domain.

  18. Also meat. It has tryptophan and tyrosine which are precursors to serotonin and dopamine respectively.

  19. To make an informed decision, I would advise the female partner to get AMH tested. Since childhood I thought I’d not plan for kids until I’m 35 because I wanted to build a career. At 29, certain things prompted me to revise that and start family planning. Couldn’t get pregnant for a year, went to see a reproductive endocrinologist and turned I had an ovarian reserve of a 40-year old woman, almost premenopausal. And as you know, as women age the number and quality of their eggs diminish. So, had I waited till 35, my most likely option would be only donor eggs.

  20. I’m still TTC (trying to conceive), had several first trimester miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy (very dangerous situation from which a woman can die). The most infuriating part is that all of this is due to my job. Extreme chronic stress from a highly demanding job (which I actually liked) completely messed up my reproductive system.

  21. To add to your FOMO, early 30’s is your last chance to have non-hard mode kids.

  22. Also probably won’t live to see your grandkids.

  23. Margins in architecture are tiny… definitely not a business to make bank on your investment.

  24. Those tiny trembling dogs that are smaller than a rat. On the other hand, a $250k face lift for a fish is maybe worth it, idk, don’t own one. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, it’s from the book Crazy Rich Asians.

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