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  1. you posted this in january so only a jr hamburger from wendys

  2. sometimes i put in it in a bun on the top of my head but ponytails r uncomfy

  3. if i work in an office and people drink my creamer, the next bottle i buy would be half laxatives

  4. the difference in mentality of a thirteen year old and a fifteen year old is frankly not okay, two different brain processes

  5. i started at the state fair one time. and the first day is always the hardest for me🥲

  6. yesterday i ate a marshmallow while i was high. now i cant find my left nut

  7. if you told me youre a girl i'd believe you but also if you told me you were a dude i'd believe you

  8. if reddit had the repost button like tiktok does i'd repost this because it just resonated a lot with me

  9. I wear a school uniform. Even if I didn't, why would I wear pyjamas to school?

  10. literally who gives a fuck if its ugly its comfortable. its highschool not next top model get over yourself

  11. 35!!?? i wouldve guessed 25!! you're definitely doing something right you look gorgeous i dont think its too harsh at all

  12. lil i havent been to the doctors in years i dont have insurance #america

  13. are they talking about rejection sensitive dysphoria? because i dont think they understand what it is

  14. It’s nice to read that I’m not the only one! I try hard to pay attention but it’s too late. The drawers in the kitchen are slamming the cutlery I put away seems to crash into each other and my walking has always been heavy.

  15. yes!!!! "i try hard to pay attention but its too late"!!!! thats fr how it is everytime and no one understands when i try explaining

  16. Screen replacements for this phone, depending on where you go and where you live, are usually $89.99. Christmas is around the corner, great time to ask for a fix.

  17. its my dads phone and the charger doesnt work either hes just too broke to get a new phone😂

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