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  1. I’m just so done with her shit especially when she had that collab channel (called TRASH I think) and two of the black former collaborators called her out for her micro aggressions toward them and she released that shitty ass apology. I think Kalen Berry and simplynessa15 made videos about it.

  2. Generally speaking, there’s not a lot of prolonged skin-to-skin contact happening on campus. Avoid contact, wash hands, use sanitizer. Since COVID AB-5 transmission is still high, wearing a mask will minimize risk of both (although airborne transmission of pox is still not conclusive).

  3. I think I’m more so worried about trains haha but yea I guess it’s less of a concern on campus

  4. I think it’s bc they’re low rise (mid rise is usually better, my happy place is a 10-10.5 inch rise) and also because they are long, ankle length would be so muchbetter. I also think a lighter wash jean would look better with that too or mid wash.

  5. Thanks for the reading! It hit on all the points I had asked about and was very accurate despite me only asking questions and giving very little almost no information about myself! They are very well spoken and their readings are very coherent and in depth. I totally reccomend them!

  6. I love Hasan, I do, but at the same time, I find it painfully mind-numbing that two straight men are sat arguing about "do women drive bad". Smh.

  7. It’s not even about that though. It’s about using bias vs empirical evidence, the whole women driving debate is just the medium or the vacuum to essentially debate the bigger issue which is that Tate sees the world through his biases and accepts that as facts and imposes it on others whereas Hasan is arguing that empirical evidence outweighs bias and personal experience (which again is influenced by bias and can influence bias). It’s never been just about are women bad drivers.

  8. Dude I get the argument. I was just expressing that it is tiresome to be a woman sometimes, living in a world where Andrew Tates exist, two little young chodes are platforming him and saying Hasan is boring (bucke and clix, they look like kids so I won't give them too much grief but jeez), and the actual decent menfolk like Hasan are being IMO too nice to that piece of misogynistic shit, who deserves not even the smallest breadcrumb of sympathy or decency because he human traffics vulnerable women. You have to understand that in our society, females are marginalized in many ways. I really wanted to see Hasan drag his ass. Love how I got downvoted to hell for expressing even the barest notion of frustration at that though. Woo fun times.

  9. Obviously as a woman of color, I understand this but I just didn’t understand the relevance of the two straight men discussing it. Obviously it sucks that this is a thing that even has to be discussed but I think it’s important that someone like Hasan exists to be able to combat this because a lot of people who would even engage in those arguments would rather listen to Hasan v Andrew Tate than a woman vs Andrew Tate.

  10. Adam you can only talk shit if you learn how to edit not tryna look at ur damn laptop screen the whole time smh

  11. Update: ok so I just called PayPal customer service and although it was a Bot I was able to refund the pending payments. It essentially just denied them and the people that sent the payments were able to receive it back since pending meant neither of us had it

  12. Can i ask, is everyone getting the same amount? I'm seeing $52.

  13. Obesity isn’t contagious. Covid is. I’m all for people choosing what they will and won’t consume but when your choices can quite literally kill the person next to you then it becomes a little less about individual choice and more so the impact it’ll have on the people around you. If you don’t want to get vaccinated fine- but just don’t put yourself in situations where you can affect other people. You have the right to not get vaccinated... alright well I have the right to not die because of someone’s decision. I’m not saying people should be forced to get a vaccination, but if you won’t get one then you shouldn’t put other people at risk by going into public spaces, it’s as simple as that.

  14. All of this is semantics. Obviously systemic obesity is a thing and it relates to the infrastructure of communities, accessibility to healthcare/healthy options and all that but I can’t catch obesity from a person in class with me.

  15. Synecdoche, New York (2008) directed by Charlie kaufman starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I think it’s perfect and really plays with the idea of reality.

  16. I live in NYC, and I make sure to live in areas with primarily old people so I can go to the grocery store without being triggered. Honestly COVID was amazing for my mental health because I never had to leave my house, I only really watch cartoons, and I barely use social media. Covid stopped me from being suicidal, and I’m honestly terrified to start having to leave the house frequently again.

  17. God I feel you. Every time I’m in soho where there’s literally off duty models everywhere, I want to climb into a hole and die.

  18. I really like this outfit. I’m a gamine though and I’m wondering how I’d make it work for me

  19. I think my dads a SG and my moms a SN and i think I’m a pure G maybe leaning towards an FG

  20. Raining in Baltimore - counting crows 23- jimmy eat world Dancing after death - Matt Maeson White Ferrari (specifically the outro so listen to the whole thing) - Frank ocean

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